Real Doctor Vs. Fake Bureaucrat Doctor – This Goes Just Like You’d Expect

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  1. I don’t think Americans are impressed with Fauci. He should have had this nation better prepared for a pandemic if he is so smart.

    1. Past time for fraud Fauci to go…..why are we paying him $450 thousand to mouth what the national news reported the previous night?!

  2. Fauci is nothing more than a Clinton puppet and part of the party trying to use this phony pandemic for political purposes.

  3. Benjamin Franklin said:

    “Those who would give up Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety,
    deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  4. If we have immunity to any disease whether it is covid 19 or polio why are we supposed to wear a mask? That is ridiculous to think it would be necessary. People didn’t wear masks after any other vaccine. Why is anyone trusting what Dr. Fauci saying any more? He said a year ago “don’t wear masks”, then he said “everyone should wear masks” only to say “one mask will not work to prevent covid 19 you need to wear 2 masks”. If one mask won’t work what is the science behind wearing 2 masks? Once people have antibodies they are safe from all other diseases. Why is it different if you have antibodies for covid 19? I guess if you are in politics logic goes away.

  5. Fauci’s mouth is moving. Ignore it. He’s is hungry for the limelight. So few folks are listening to him. It’s like he is running around and telling folks say “it’s true this time. I promise listen to me. “. I kicked him to the curb long ago. I can tell a snake oil salesman.

  6. Yo fuci how about a pillow for your face for protection for us all. That is the best mask for a lying democrat. No doctor here just a loser that has connections. Everything this guy spits out is nothing but scripted junk from the rest of the democrat crew. You have made it so that this country is down and out. Not science here now just fuci spewing nonsense.

  7. He is not an expert. Rand Paul and my family physician has more sense than this guy. If you are not sure, second opinion. Yet these liars only rely on one doctors opinion. Stupid.

  8. I never could believe it but it must be TRUE that a person can get paid $ 500,000.00 /year for being such an artist in lying!

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