Radical leftist WaPo columnist asks if unvaccinated Americans should be ‘prosecuted’

There doesn’t appear to be a shortage of liberal journalists who continue to take what seems like a militant stand when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations, with many using their platforms to shame and disgrace — and even threaten — unvaccinated Americans.

According to PJ Media, that was evidenced once again, this time by The Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten, who seriously asked in a recent Twitter post if America’s unvaccinated should be “prosecuted,” — a question he was ultimately ridiculed over.

Weingarten was immediately dragged on social media for asking such an astonishingly stupid question, with many saying that such statements prove that liberalism is undergoing a paradigm shift — one that’s quite bad for America’s future.

“This is demented beyond words,” wrote independent journalist Glenn Greenwald. “A punitive and sadistic desire to see people imprisoned who dissent from their worldview is an increasingly central and defining feature of American liberalism.”

Commentator John Cardillo tweeted, “These lunatics want you in prison or dead. Too many on the right still think compromise is an option.”

PJ Media noted that the popular phrase on the left that we’re experiencing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is demonstrably false, according to data straight from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The phrase has been repeated by a number of leftist lunatics, including by President Joe Biden himself.

“Nevertheless, the narrative that the unvaccinated are to blame for the rise in COVID cases has persisted—at least among the left, allowing nutjobs like Weingarten to suggest that people who don’t want to get vaccinated are criminals,” PJ Media writer Matt Margolis added.

Statements like Weingarten’s are exactly why Republicans will triumph like we’ve never witnessed before in the upcoming 2022 midterms, which will finally allow Americans a little breathing room while they put an immediate end to the liberal’s desire to shift America radically to the left.