Radical Kansas governor vetoes bill that blocks transgenders from ruining girls’ sports

As parents across the nation speak out against biological males competing in women’s sports, some Democrats just aren’t getting the message, which in many cases transcends political ideology.

The latest example is Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (D), who just vetoed a set of GOP-led bills in her state that would ban transgenders from competing in girls’ sports, and another bill that would give parents more control over what their children are learning in the classroom, the Daily Caller reports.

The radical, progressive governor of the state released a statement explaining why she chose to veto what she called “divisive” transgender bill.

Oddly enough, Kelly accused the GOP state legislators who crafted the bill of “trying to score political points,” while in reality, it’s actually Kelly trying to score points with the radical left base.

All Republicans are doing is protecting everyone’s daughters from having their dreams of competing crushed when boys are allowed to call themselves girls and compete next to them, dashing any hopes of scholarships and other rewards for years of hard work.

The leftist governor also vetoed a bill that would have allowed parents to have a greater say in what their children learn in the classroom, a white-hot political point of contention that has already cost other Democrats their public offices.

It would be one thing if Gov. Kelly was doing this in a state like Oregon or California, but she must not have any intention of running for reelection, because the people of Kansas definitely won’t put up with her radical way of thinking.