Radical Dems call for total repeal of Second Amendment after Texas shooting

Democrats typically use every mass shooting event to renew their push to enact stricter gun laws across the country, but in the wake of the most recent shooting tragedies in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York, some whack job liberals are going a step further.

Clearly desperate for attention, filmmaker Michael Moore recently went as far as calling for a total repeal of the Second Amendment during an interview on MSNBC, which undoubtedly made the network’s viewers nod in agreement with Moore’s reasoning.

“Who will say on this network or any other network in the next few days, ‘It’s time to repeal the Second Amendment’?” Moore said.

Moore made clear that he wants the strictest gun control laws possible, even though Chicago, New York, and other Dem-led cities with strict gun laws have some of the highest gun violence rates in the country.

“Look, I support all gun control legislation. Not sensible gun control. We don’t need the sensible stuff. We need the hardcore stuff that’s going to protect ourselves and our children,” Moore said.

He went on to act as if he had special insight into the minds of the Founding Fathers: “I truly believe if Jefferson, Madison and Washington if they all knew that the bullet would be invented — some 50 years after our revolution, I don’t know if they would have written it that way.”

Not surprisingly, the other liberal panelists and hosts loved the idea, and loved that someone actually said it out loud.

What they don’t realize, apparently, is that suggesting such an action only serves to embolden the other side, and they’ll likely find that out in a painful way in November at the polls.