Questions still circulate about whether the FBI is mishandling evidence

According to a recent report by American Greatness, there is a yet unresolved case of 23 FBI cell phones wiped clean while in the possession of Robert Mueller and his team.

“Has the Secret Service become a national security threat?” Ja’han Jones of MSNBC recently asked to refer to the “scandal” surrounding missing or deleted texts of Secret Service agents sent on January 6 as the incursion into the Capitol unfolded.

American Greatness’s  outlined the fact that the crisis actually started when unnamed Secret Service personnel made the error of embarrassing the House’s January 6 tribunal by refuting Cassidy Hutchinson’s ludicrous hearsay narrative.

The journalist asserted that Trump-hating viewers were captivated by Hutchinson’s tale. However, the committee hurried to publicize her evidence without first consulting any of the individuals who were in fact present.

Naturally, the committee initiated a campaign of retaliation against the organization tasked with the president’s protection after embarrassing themselves. It sought texts, and its media friends claimed that regular deletions were an attempt at deception.

The writer went on:

Ja’han Jones practically said the quiet part out loud: In the “get Trump” era, contradicting anti-Trump an narrative constitutes the highest of all crimes against the re-defined “national security” of the oligarchtical uniparty that really runs things.

But there is something oddly familiar about this deleted text scandal. As so often is the case, the fake outrage over the deleted Secret Service texts has a much more serious analogue that was received very differently because the shoe was on the other foot. In the get-Trump era, government insiders intentionally deleted texts to cover-up a very real attempt to overthrow a duly elected president.

It will be interesting to see whether the Justice Department assigns some of these same cell phone-deleting attorneys and FBI agents to pursue the Secret Service for its text deletions. It will be even more interesting to see the reaction of Democrats to committees under a Republican majority subpoenaing Secret Service agents protecting Joe Biden.