Questions are raised as VP Harris has seemingly vanished from the spotlight

It wasn’t all that long ago that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were seen together at nearly every major event, even going as far as generating headlines by announcing that the administration would be known as the Biden-Harris administration.

But as PJ Media recently noted in a piece, Harris has seemingly vanished from the spotlight, aside from a few pop-ins to unleash her cringe-worthy, signature cackle at a reporter now and then after they ask her a real question.

It’s not only American media outlets that have tracked Harris’ notable absence from the spotlight, as the UK-based Telegraph recently suggested that Harris is “perhaps the most low-profile individual to hold the post since the gaffe-prone Dan Quayle was kept out of the limelight to spare the first George Bush’s blushes.”

It’s no longer considered a partisan attack to suggest that Harris is sleeping on the job, as she’s failed, quite astoundingly, at virtually every major issue she’s been tasked with handling, notably the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border.

Adding to the mystery behind her disappearance is the fact that earlier this year, reports emerged that her office inside the White House was “toxic,” and she struggled with keeping longtime staffers.

In addition, Harris is now the recipient of a title that she probably never thought possible — the most unlikeable vice president in modern U.S. history, which is evidenced in her unbelievably dismal latest approval rating of only 28% — which is about 10 points lower than the worst president in modern history, her boss Joe Biden.

PJ Media suggested that Harris is purposely being kept out of the public eye for now, especially while the Biden administration struggles to gain ground with the American public.

“How does a Veep turn things around when the more people see her, the less they like her? The solution seems to be to keep her looking busy doing things that A) no one cares about and B) not even Harris could screw up (probably, maybe),” the outlet wrote.

With Harris the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for 2024, at least in theory, she’d better hope her handlers have a master plan to raise her image, or the Democratic Part is in even more trouble than they realize.