Queen Elizabeth II issues statement in the wake of Meghan Markle’s racism accusations against the Royal Family

The recent controversy involving Meghan Markle’s accusations of racism against her inlaws — the British Royal Family — dominated headlines this week after she and husband Prince Harry gave a bombshell interview to television host Oprah Winfrey.

According to PJ Media, in an official statement from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II responded to the matter on Tuesday, making clear that the accusations leveled against them would be taken seriously while also taking a subtle jab at the validity of the accusations in the same breath. 

“The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan,” the statement read. “While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately.”

The statement came in the wake of Markle — an ultra-successful American actress — told Oprah that there were times that she contemplated suicide, saying she “didn’t want to be alive anymore.” Markle claims she went to the “institution” — a group that oversees the Royal Family — and asked for help, only to be told that it wouldn’t be the best optics for her to do so.

Markle went on to drop the bombshell racism accusation, saying that when she was pregnant, she was told there were “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.”

Given the current, ultra-sensitive racial climate the Western world is currently experiencing, Markle’s accusation quickly went viral, with nearly every talk show and news broadcast touching on the subject. Not surprisingly, the issue quickly turned political, with right-leaning pundits criticizing Markle and those toward the left taking a stand for her.

Some have criticized Markle for taking the issue public before giving the queen the opportunity to address the issue in a private manner like most royal-related issues are handled.

Only time will tell how the controversial story ends, but politics aside, it’s crystal clear at this point that Markle and Prince Harry very clearly and formally separated themselves from the Royal Family, for better or worse.

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  1. Megan played her strong suit, She played the RACIST CARD. When all else fails play the racist card> You can tell who wears the pants in that family.

      1. Another gold digger! Merkel…….
        Harry reminds me of his Mother who created so much trouble for the Queens family. He married a woman like his Mother..They both seek the Limelight….
        Selfish! She should grow up. She wanted the golden cage now suck it up.

        1. Agree and duchess Fergie was in trouble along with Diana with the royals code. So they aren’t coming at Meghan for racist reasons necessarily; but primarily because Harry and Meghan were initially separating themselves from the throne, while wanting to keep all the perks. It doesn’t work that way!

          1. they knew from the get go that life in the royal court is different than the acting court. Yet, with arrogance they expected to be in that circle
            with minimum or zero participation to understand nor respect the traditions of Royal Court. Merkel is upset because she did not get
            the attention nor respect of the next queen Kate!!!!!!! arrogance and ignorance she has displayed while being taken advantage of the
            con master of show business Oprah!

            similar to the expectations of illegals coming into USA expecting a red carpet!!!!!! nehhhhhh!!! send them home!!!!

        2. Sorry, I disagree with you about Dianna, she made the mistake of marrying a jerk. Charles loved Camila at the time he married Dianna, he should never have married her and he treated her terribly. I anyone could have ripe down the royal family it would have been Dianna. She was no angel I know but probably would have been fairthful to Charles if he has shown her some love and support!!! I would never compare to two women in any sense of the word, I think Medgan has completly ruined poor Harry, he love working as a royal until he married her.

      2. I agree. I think Meghan Markle had made up her mind before she even married Prince Harry that she wasn’t going to follow the Royals’ rules. She was nothing but a one-time actress in a TV show. But the first documentary that she delivered was harshly criticized, about a year ago, people saying that she talked in a monotone and her voice sounded flat.

        She got the Prince, she got the baby, but had to get pregnant again to make Harry stay with her. She’s living in a 14 million mansion and she’s never had it so good. I predict within 3 years she’ll be a solo parent and Hollywood will have realized that she’s not talented, just big-mouthed. She’s at her best now, showing off her features, among which is the title GOLDDIGGER! Add to that, she’s a liar! I’ve always liked the Queen and for this little no-nothing to besmirch her family is horrible. And Harry’s being led by the nose, and he can’t put a plug in Markle’s mouth!


    1. She’s still got the “noose” card to play, too. Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace got pretty good mileage out of it.

      1. I’m not so sure that I believe Megans story! I keep thinking of that other actor, Jussie Smollett, with his made up story and how he almost got away with it.


    2. Ultra successful…I believe more like B rated movies…she set her hat for Harry…she had everything in mind, marry, have babies and get him away from his family; good old Harry, kind person that he is jumped into the beehive and now….well, it is wrong of Markle…she should be left by herself, Harry take the babies and back to his family.

    3. Why does somebody who is half black and half white always take the black side? Could it be so they can use the race card to their benefit? Barack Obama was not the first black President, he was the first mixed race President. Why can’t we just be Americans?

    4. So true. Harry has been bamboozled by a cunning, street smart, manipulative and opportunistic western wench.
      His mother would have seen thru her and he never would have married this albatross. She had everything to gain (they are living on lady Diana’s money she left to her son.
      She is using Harry to acquire these wealthy contracts out in LA, California. God help Harry, now ostracized from his British family.

    5. What else is new??? Soon the Democrats are going to have to purchase a new deck of cards, because that Joker is worn out!!!

  2. Why in the world give an interview to Oprah Winfrey concerning her issues with the Royal Family?? It sure appears that she and Harry want to be the centers of attention rather than trying to escape the specter of the public eye as they have clamed. I am sure that the Queen could have handled all the internal strife within the Royal family without it being dragged out in public. Discussions about the color of the baby’s skin seem just like the “whoa is me” dialogue going on across the world concerning racial issues. I fully agree that Harry is a war hero and that war hero’s do whatever is necessary to protect their families; however, I don’t see how coming out in the public media with accusations against the Royal family exactly does that for either he or Meghan.

    1. She once made the statement that she wanted away from the royals…just she and Harry…well, he made the decision but it was for her own selfishness and nothing more.

    2. We all have to know that the many millions they were paid for the interview, was the ultimate motivator for their disgusting public display.

  3. When Harry splits from Meghan which is inevitable, will she accuse him of racism? Meghan is in this for herself. Harry is just her conduit to fame and fortune. I feel sorry for him and his family. The whole thing is sad. Harry has had struggle all his life. This will probably break him.

  4. Hey out there! Anyone remember the piles of money Oprah threw to her adoring fans to push her publicity and make herself look so GIFT GIVING?? My question, “Why not give to the country where she started such a small school for girls? Why not give enough money to them to truly make a difference in their lives?” Seems to me a legacy is best gained when one gives for just the sense of helping in some way to relieve poverty/ignorance/hopelessness!! All this pathetic woman is interested in is herself and seeing millions of dummies say how wonderful she is, when in fact all she is turns out that she is a trouble maker/pot boiler!!
    Forget it, Winfrey, you’re even less the the ex-princess!! Oh wait, did you think you’d show someone with even less credentials?!?

    1. Winfrey is a puke, teaches false religion////that alone is upsetting let alone her other beliefs and ways.

    2. Oprah is the biggest racist ever !! She would not be squat if it were not for white people..
      they are the ones who made her.. Yet she really hates white people I think!!
      Don’t like her…. never did !! A BIG PHONEY !!

    3. Agree, Oprah has done noting except pray on the white people. Made her millions off the white people, now we are privileged, don’t know about you but I for one am white and my family h as worked hard for what we have.

  5. Prince Harry’s wife is a ignorant low life that thinks she is a intelligent but everyone knows that she is a tramp she married Harry so she could have money and had kids trying to lock in on the Royals money. She lies and disgusting
    lol … she better take note of what happened to Diana accidents happen you know… she is a has been and used to by men for a part in show building but when you are used up for pleasure nobody wants you so she set sights for a rich young man in another country. She would sell out her mom for her name and face to be shown. Once a tramp and user always a tramp and user. The Queen will see that she pays dearly for her stupidity

  6. Harry is from the royal family . Too bad that isn’t important to him. He could have just as easily found a soulmate that would fit him and his world. Whenever a spouse gets between him or her and their family that’s tragic. Why would you want to do that to the one you love. She is a high maintenance snot with a baby to hold over everyone. Wake up Harry, don’t get alienated from your family.

  7. When Democrats allowed George Soros to fund BLM and Antifa, they created a monster they can no longer control…it’s not about race, or even racism. It’s not about the plight of black people, or white supremacists, or even Donald Trump. It’s about the New World Order using black people, and naive college students to destroy America; the same way they will use anyone, and anything to destroy any other country that will not bow to their demands.
    George Soros, a man of Jewish ancestry, joined with Adolph Hitler & the Nazis and helped them rob the Jewish people of their property, and wealth. Then he watched as they marched his people to the camps, and into the ovens. He is evil to the core. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the mark of Satan burned into his scalp.

  8. The Royal Family should take away everything from them, money, titles, houses, cars, just everything and leave them to do whatever they need to support themselves and their children. I bet you that that this couple will not survive without all that. They stepped so low that they must be punished.
    Also the fact that we are all talking about them only makes them more important in their twisted little world

  9. I agree with all the comments above . I still can’t believe that Henry would treat the Queen, his grandparents, the way he has 😢

  10. Pardon me but Megan is, in my opinion, full of it. She’s a marginal b level actress seeking publicity. Because the “royals” put restrictions on her she whines and cries and plays the race card. BS, the royals knew of her bloodline they just didn’t find out the color of her heart and soul until it was too late. So poor little Megan drug Harry off to Canada where again she didn’t get what she wanted so off to “Hollywood “ and Oprah. Poor Megan, ain’t life a puzzle?

  11. Glad I did not watch. My sincere sympathy to the queen. Harry is well aware that family matters should first be addressed privately before they make them public. I think the Queen should make a clean split, and let them on their own. Can’t wait to see how Prince Harry supports his faith after being cut off by Charles.

  12. I do feel sorry for Harry. he used his heart instead of his head in this mess. she knew what she was doing from the get-go. that she caused him to alienate from his family is sad. without family you have nothing. money means nothing. possessions mean nothing. your family is your wealth. I know from first hand facts how the Queen feels about losing a grandchild. it is a sorrow you cannot get over. when Megan gets through with harry, she will toss him off like garbage. where will he go then? he should have thought about that when William tried to talk some sense into him. like the homily, live and learn.

  13. I blame Oprah for this atrocity, she knew what she was doing, she let her, she didn’t have to let her take it that far! But, that’s what gets money! Shame on Oprah! So sad for the Royal family, Queen, Philip,!

  14. This is exactly why the Queen didn’t want this to happen. Someone from this side of the pond can’t understand what royalty means. They have a major long line of history going on there that only someone on that side of the planet would understand. Expectedly someone like a brat like Magen.

  15. “An ultra-successful American actress”?
    You clearly overstate the situation – Mr. Reagan, a B-film actor, was more successful than this ‘starlet’.
    She is trying, that is true, to become “successful” by creating a “scandal” – out of her own proportions (I don’t mean physical ones).

  16. Had we not been told that Markle was part black I don’t think anyone would have known . She really doesn’t have black features . But in this day of everything racist how convenient. It got the attention of Oprah and an audience with the world. With zero regard for the feelings of the 90 plus year old Queen and the loss for William is horrendous.

  17. People using the race card are causing more racism than is really felt by the general population. I hope Harry and his american family can handle what they have started. It is going to be tough for them and he cannot return home unless he makes amends. He is supporting his wife but not sure he can handle it. If truth were known he must have known how his Royal family would feel about his relationship in the very beginning. I think he did it to spite his grandmother because of how he felt she may have treated his mother. He bit off more than he can chew with this little gal. She’s out for fame and fortune and when he is no longer useful she will leave him.

  18. Markel should have read the Royal History starting with Queen Mary – then she would have reliazed what it was all about……..Harry knows better – he is just tied up with trying to support his wife! He knew what he was locked into from Little Boy on when he stuck his tongue out at the press and his mother made him behave as a royal. If you want Royal, you buckel under and do royal not buck the system……..they will end up with nothing! Sorry for Harry but it will be good for the Megan-girl!!! DeeDee

  19. The REAL problem is….. the entire planet SHOULD NOT be concerned, distracted or entertained by the antics of ANY “royalty” of ANY nation. America’s true existence is due to former civilians, slaves & servile residents of the British empire were exhausted by the tyranny dished out by monarchs and monarchy offspring. The only “kingdom” worthy of honor is that of the universe’s creator, Almighty God.

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