Pundit questions White House weakness on Russia: ‘What is Joe Biden hiding?’

The contrast between the way former President Donald Trump managed the nation’s relationship with Russia and the stance adopted by current President Joe Biden could not be more different, and as the Spectator’s Stephen L. Miller opines, there are a number of clues — including a seemingly incriminating photo — that suggest something nefarious may be the reason for the current displays of weakness.

Even before Trump took office, the mainstream media was abuzz with all sorts of rumors and innuendo — presented as proven fact — suggesting that the now-former president was a Russian asset doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.

For four years, the incessant drumbeat from the mainstream media portrayed Trump as an existential threat to America’s national security requiring far-reaching investigations that cost millions, but went nowhere, as well as a failed attempt at impeachment.

When it comes to Biden, however, the approach is far less scrutinizing when it comes to this administration’s dealings with Putin, despite its apparent unwillingness to challenge or retaliate against the rogue leader’s incursions — such as the recent ransomware attack that shut the Colonial Pipeline and cost millions of dollars in ransom. The curiosity is gone, no suspect motives are attributed.

Biden’s baffling decision to lift sanctions in order to facilitate the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream II Pipeline, despite kneecapping the Keystone XL Pipeline here at home raised nary a peep from liberal outlets, let alone any allegations of the president working in collaboration with Moscow, as would surely have been the case under the prior administration.

As recently as last week, Russian actors set their sights on American interests once more, with hacker group REvil carrying out another substantial cyberattack against a third-party service provider for businesses across our nation at the same time one of the largest ransomware attacks in history took place, with, again, a staggering absence of interest from the media.

Miller, therefore, questions what could possibly explain the fevered frenzy over Russia that consumed every press outfit before and during the Trump administration, yet causes the majority of American journalists to cover for Biden’s inaction.

Perhaps, he posits, Putin is holding something substantial over the head of the American president that would prove devastating, and which the mainstream press is working hard to keep hidden. Tweeting a well-known, viral photo of White House press secretary Jen Psaki sporting a pink, Russian-style hat festooned with a hammer and sickle, the hypothesis of a compromised administration does not seem terribly far-fetched.

Whether Biden will continue to tip-toe on eggshells with Putin to the quiet, nodding approval of the sycophantic press remains to be seen, but hopefully more honest brokers such as Miller will continue to point out what under normal circumstances would be obvious fodder for some serious investigative journalism.