Pundit: Kamala Harris is the ‘most useless’ vice president in decades

Amid plummeting approval ratings and mounting controversies ranging from the chaos at the southern border to the collapse in Afghanistan, pundit Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner has revealed the secret truth about Kamala Harris, namely that she has turned out to be the “most useless” vice president of the last hundred years.

Lowe astutely points out that while the vice presidency has often been characterized as a “thankless” and somewhat insignificant role, there have been notable instances in which the individual holding that office has made very real contributions to the achievements of the administrations in which they served.

Harris however, despite being assigned a whole host of key tasks by President Joe Biden over the past seven months, does not appear poised to join the group of effective vice presidents, which Lowe says includes Mike Pence, Dick Cheney, and even the current commander in chief himself who, under President Barack Obama, helped grease the legislative wheels with former Senate colleagues.

According to Lowe, the handwriting was on the wall with regard to Harris’ impotence once it became clear that she wanted little to do with the job of addressing the migrant crisis at the southern border, failing for months to travel south to survey conditions for herself and ultimately attempting to re-frame her assignment to one studying the “root causes” of mass migration.

Once it became clear that the administration’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was devolving into an unmitigated disaster, Harris, who recently boasted of being the “last person in the room” when Biden made his decision on the matter, stayed largely out of public sight – except for standing silently next to the president Friday while he delivered remarks on the issue – and kept her insights limited to tweets.

Even though Harris was so dreadfully unpopular among the electorate during the 2020 presidential race that she had to withdraw her candidacy before the first primary was even held, Democrats held out hope that, as the first Black woman to serve as vice president, she would be the ideal heir apparent if and when Biden exited the political stage.

As the party is learning the hard way, however, wishing simply doesn’t make it so, and according to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, a shocking 55% of likely voters indicated their belief that Harris is either “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to assume the presidency.

According to the poll, just 43% of participants in the study said that Harris is either “qualified” or “very qualified” for the top job, a figure that represents a substantial drop in respondents who had confidence in her abilities when the same question was asked by Rasmussen in April.

Thought it will surely be a bitter pill for the purveyors of identity politics on the left to accept, perhaps the increasingly obvious incompetence and ineffectual performance of Harris will prompt some real soul-searching about the wisdom of focusing on surface characteristics over substance when choosing party leaders.