Pundit: Kamala Harris continues to demonstrate unsuitability for VP role

As one self-inflicted wound after another plagues Vice President Kamala Harris, it is, according to Zachary Faria of the Washington Examiner, increasingly obvious that she is wholly unsuited to the prominent role in which she finds herself, and that fact is likely raising serious concerns within the Democrat Party hierarchy.

The most recent embarrassment to befall Harris and her boosters occurred during a recent appearance at George Mason University in which she seemed to nod in concurrence with a student who declared Israel guilty of “ethnic genocide” and opined that the young lady’s truth “must be heard.”

Though Harris and her handlers swiftly attempted to walk back and clarify what appeared to be her support for the student’s sentiments, the damage was done, and footage from the event was heavily promoted by an Iranian state media outlet known for its anti-Israel propaganda.

As Faria argues, the George Mason incident is just the latest in a string of episodes that have revealed Harris’ inability to navigate situations that are not carefully stage-managed by her advisors, and he notes that “When she follows a script, she is as good as any other politician,” but that as vice president – and someone with obvious Oval Office aspirations of her own, “you can’t get by on scripted appearances alone.”

Harris has repeatedly floundered even when questioned by friendly folks in the mainstream media, as evidenced by her cringeworthy response to criticism that she had failed to visit the crisis-riddled southern border, which amounted to a sarcastic observation that she had not visited Europe, either.

While it is true that the vice president’s approval ratings tanked over the summer and continued their slide during her absence amid the calamitous U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, they have since made something of a rebound – even surpassing those of President Joe Biden himself.

That recent uptick, according to Faria, is, however, attributable to the fact that she has deliberately remained out of the limelight as a series of crises engulfed the White House, and once she is forced to take center stage once more, Americans will be instantly reminded of her glaring shortcomings.

Faria is far from alone in his take on Harris’ unsuitability for her current role, or the one on which she clearly has her eye – that the of the presidency. Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce, for instance, recently slammed the vice president for intentionally distancing herself from the hard work that comes with her title in order to preserve her own political prospects and making every effort possible “not to do her job.”

If more and more American voters come to the same conclusion as the Examiner’s own Tiana Lowe, who has already deemed Harris the “most useless” vice president in the last 100 years, her status as the Democrats’ heir apparent may be in real jeopardy, and that is a possibility likely causing plenty of sleepless nights on the left.