Proud Boy’s leader’s request to be released on home arrest denied by D.C. judge

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, has been denied his petition to be released from jail early, according to The Hill.

The publication reported that Tarrio requested that the judge put him on home confinement, citing inhumane conditions in his request from earlier in the month. 

D.C. Superior Court Judge Jonathan H. Pittman ruled against Tarrio, however, writing on Friday that in his decision he believed Tarrio’s allegations about the jail and it’s unsanitary conditions and mistreatment.

“However, the judge ruled that poor living conditions in the jail are not a sufficient reason for Tarrio to be transferred to home confinement, according to the Post,” The Hill reported. 

Despite his belief of Tarrio, the judge didn’t believe his request rose to the level of “extraordinary and compelling reasons” to release him over other inmates. 

The leader of the far-right-wing group is serving a particularly stiff sentence for the theft and during of a Black Lives Matter banner from a D.C. church in December of last year. 

During the Nov. 15 hearing, Tarrio asked his sentence to be reduced to 90 days or to be allowed to finish his term under house arrest, having already served half of the five-month sentence. 

“I’ve been to jail before and what I’ve seen here, I’ve never seen anywhere else,” Tarrio told Pittman in November. “This place needs to be shut down immediately.”

Included in his complaints were that his cell is regularly flooded from the contaminated toilet water from a nearby cell, at the D.C. facility, as well as the medical treatment that left one prisoner to lay on the floor for half an hour after having a seizure before medical help arrived. Tarrio’s attorney, Lucas I. Dansie, also said at the hearing that his “meals are literally thrown in his cell, cold and frequently inedible.”