Protestors force lockdown of state capitol chamber

The brazenness with which proponents of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement attempt to bully and threaten communities and institutions into capitulation has escalated over the past year, and a confrontation that occurred in the halls of one state legislature this week suggests that the trend shows no sign of abating.

According to Fox News, the Oklahoma House of Representatives was forced into lockdown on Wednesday when a group of demonstrators shouting “Black lives matter” and similar refrains descended on the building in protest of a series of GOP-backed proposals, including one designed to protect citizens who may inadvertently find themselves caught up in dangerous rioting.

Nearly 25 demonstrators made their way into the chamber’s fifth floor gallery as the legislative session was being conducted below. The purpose of their appearance was to voice opposition to bills under consideration by the state’s House and Senate, both currently under Republican control.

The outbursts were in response to a number of legislative proposals that the demonstrators claim are anti-protest and anti-transgender. One such bill increases the potential penalties for those who block traffic while protesting and also protects motorists who unintentionally hit others while attempting to depart the scene of a demonstration.

Other bills that drew the ire of the demonstrators include proposals that would safeguard law enforcement officers and their relatives from doxxing and one that would ban transgendered individuals who identify as female from participating in girls’ athletic competitions, as Oklahoma City ABC affiliate KOCO reported.

In a particularly alarming exchange, a demonstrator engaged in a heated, nose-to-nose encounter with a lawmaker who had entered the gallery to investigate the disturbance, though a female protestor ultimately succeeded in separating the pair. Once the discontented visitors began to depart the fifth floor observation area, another woman assailed the group as “traitors, insurrectionists [and] seditionists,” as Fox News noted.

Though assistance from Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers was utilized to escort demonstrators from the premises, and a canine unit was used to ensure that no threats were left behind, it did not take long for business as usual to resume in the House chamber, according to Fox News.

The events in Oklahoma come on the heels of a demonstration at the Iowa Capitol earlier this month in opposition to legislation that would bolster qualified immunity for police and enhance penalties for certain criminal offenses committed during protests. Though the rally of social justice activists was eventually dispersed, one woman was arrested for assaulting a law enforcement officer, according to the Des Moines Register.

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  1. Where is the FBI. Taking long breaks and 3 hour martini lunches. Why are they not search out these people who are domestic terrorists. Are we going to have another 9/11 before they wake up and start doing their job. Biden is just letting all this hate build and it is at the boiling point now. Time for FBI to get some balls and get in there with guns, dogs, tear gas and Tasers. Hit them where it hurts, right on the nuts and the boobs – these people are not freedom loving and respecting people. They are mob idiots. Past time to fight back and this from a old, old gramma. You know it is bad when Grandmothers get mad.

    1. Get off your a… and arrest the BLM they are destroying and burning down our country. Call in the National Garuda Give the police the right to protect themselves and shoot them before they ruin our country meaning the trouble makers

      1. Has anyone else thought of the downhill slide of our country since Oblammer got elected? It is disgusting how the media fawned owve him, especially CNN (Commie New Network)

        BLM needs to be recognized. Recognized for what it is – A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION SEEEKING TO TURN THE US INTO A NEGRO DOMINATED ANARCHY!!!

        1. Same trash Weather group marxist trained Obama as have trained the terrorist group BLM. Need to keep tabs on former members of Weather group.

      2. Our Government allowed this to happen and Intice more Destruction from those Terrorist..
        It is up to Our Government to end it now..
        Our Government is pushing More and More LAWLESSNESS in many Cities which only spurts on more Violence and Destruction..
        Treat BLM Activist and Antifa Activist as Terrorists and we all know what we do to Terrorist and it isn’t handling them with kids gloves..
        LOCK AND LOAD !!

      3. And we are trying to convict a police officer for doing his duty by trying to arrest one that was breaking the law & resisting arrest.

    2. agree with you 100% The liberal dummoRATS are encouraging these thugs to burn and loot with no consequences, time to stop this insanity and bring law and order back.

    3. com on man you know the DOJ and FBI are corrupt .BLM is dictating their Marxist agenda on America

  2. The Capitol Police in DC killed a young Black women,Miriam Carey, for entering the Capitol Grounds when Obama was president! You tell me the Democrats are not racist!

  3. This stupid this thugs are allowed to run free and destroy property when are the police going to get some backbone and stop them and when is your so-called government going to get some backbone do something to stop this garbage I am totally disgusted with this garbage. Biden and the democrats need to stop supporting this garbage by their inaction

  4. These scum bag people that think they can intimidate GOOD people from doing their jobs , is disgraceful, JAIL ALL PEOPLE WHO RIOT OR ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE .

  5. How far is this going to go, before the politicians give the word to the public to fix it, Apparently they don’t have the stomach for law and order!

  6. How come they weren’t arrested going into a federal building while the state representativewhere voting in a bill. It’s the same instances that happen at the federal building in DC. Our you going to charge them for crimes like they did to the people who broke in. The difference is they where let in just like allot of the Trump supporters where. I think all the BLM should be arrested,

    1. I totally agree. Why are they still being allowed to get away with this crap. They are not peacefully protesting and they do not let others peacefully protest. They need to be shut down and now. Soon or later there is going to be a confrontation that will rock this nation. We the people are tired of being walk over.

  7. You get what you vote for. Don’t vote democrats into office then complain about the lawless results.


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