Protestors continue to leave signs, mementos at home of Brian Laundrie’s parents

As the hunt for Brian Laundrie – the sole person of interest in Gabby Petito’s death – continues, tragic reminders of the deceased young woman were placed around the North Port, Florida home of his parents, as Fox News reports.

In the days and weeks following Laundrie’s disappearance, many who have been following the case have developed strong suspicions that his parents, Chris and Roberta, either assisted their son with his escape, or at the very least, know more details about what happened to Petito than they have revealed thus far.

As such, their home has been the site of protests conducted by those seeking justice for the Petito family, with one such individual placing photos of Gabby around the Laundrie home on Sunday. Watch:

That was not the only manifestation of frustration and outrage to occur at the Laundrie residence in recent days, with another group of protestors placing a large photo of the murdered woman next to a sign that read, “What if this happened to Cassie?” in a clear reference to the homeowners’ daughter, as the New York Post noted.

Things have been tense in the Laundries’ neighborhood throughout the ongoing manhunt for their son, with demonstrators appearing again on Sunday to chant, “Justice for Gabby” in a manner which was difficult for anyone to ignore.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie have remained primarily ensconced inside their home, except to do occasional yardwork and remove mementos left by protestors, and Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, suspects that may be because they possess a great deal of knowledge about what happened to her daughter, and that they are intentionally staying out of the limelight as a result.

“I think silence speaks volumes,” Schmidt said in a recent interview, adding, “I believe they know…if not everything, they know most of the information,” a sentiment with which those who continue to speak up for Gabby outside the Laundry home seem to agree.