Protesters burned American flag and photo of Tucker Carlson outside Fox News headquarters

Protesters outside of the Fox News headquarters in New York City were videoed burning an American flag and picture of Fox News host Tucker Carlson while making obscene hand gestures and agressive comments about the host and his values. 

Some of the protesters could be heard in the background making defamatory comments and rejoicing over the fire saying, “Tucker is buring! Yeah!”

Carlson, and other Fox News hosts, have been critical of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement since it’s inception, pointing to the damaging and unsustainable way in which they conduct their political protests.

Various protesters outside the headquarters in midtown Manhattan where they gathered to protest the media company held photos of hosts faces saying,  “You’re all racist, you’re nazis, you’re zionists, you’re KKK.”

Several news outlets posted the video of the protesters taking to the streets with their frustration, including the conservative news outlet Carlson co-founded, the Daily Caller.

Comments flooded in, including many negative ones with users saying, “The whole station needs to be shut down. The biggest misinformation station ever” and “Y’all stormed a capital. Calm down,” in response to some of the outrage over the flag burning.

By and large, however, the comments were supportive of Carlson and the network with comments, like, “They are lucky they live in America, most of the world would execute them for such treason.”

Another pointed out the double standard the right is held to saying, “If conservatives did this outside of cnn and it was Don Lemon and the flag was the gay flag, police would investigate it as a hate crime. And all the other media would create the chorus.”

Possibly the most succinct answer came from one user to replied to the video saying, “Well that’s solved all the problems.”