Prosecutor in Rittenhouse case under fire over witnesses’ false testimony

Though Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges on Friday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, many serious questions remain about the conduct of Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger throughout the trial, including whether he suborned perjury with regard to testimony given by two of the state’s witnesses.

As Megan Fox of PJ Media notes, video and photographic evidence has emerged that calls into question statements made under oath by Sal and Sam Khindri, witnesses used by Binger in an attempt to undermine Rittenhouse’s claim that he had been asked to help defend small businesses from rioters during the unrest that gripped Kenosha during the summer of 2020.

The Daily Mail reported that Sal Khindri, co-owner of multiple Car Source used vehicle lots in Kenosha, testified on the stand that he had never asked Rittenhouse to help protect his property, and Sam Khindri declared that he had never even met the defendant.

However, that testimony stood in conflict with footage posted on Twitter showing the brothers standing on the street with Rittenhouse and others who had accompanied him to help amid the chaos that took hold on that fateful night – video of which many now claim Binger was fully aware.

When it came time for the Khindri brothers to tell their stories to the jury, Binger had no problem with them proceeding to describe a scenario that was clearly contradicted by the aforementioned visual evidence, and he did not bat an eye when Sal Khindri denied asking anyone for assistance with protecting his car lots or even seeing, texting, or speaking with Rittenhouse.

Sam Khindri also denied knowing, texting, or conversing with Rittenhouse about needing help standing against the threat of rioters that night, even though there was clear documentary evidence that belied that assertion – in the form of a text message that began, “Hey Sam it’s Kyle… .”

As Rittenhouse defense lawyer Mark Richards said in the wake of his client’s acquittal, “When they put on the Khindri brothers knowing that they were lying, that is a problem.”

Whether Binger will face any professional repercussions for this or any other of the many alleged instances of misconduct during the trial – including his unconstitutional reference to Rittenhouse’s post-arrest silence, his blatant misrepresentation of what video footage of the encounters at issue actually showed, and his apparent withholding from the defense of a high-quality rendering of said footage – remains to be seen.