Progressives put pressure on Harris about DACA and other illegal immigrants

Vice President Kamala Harris has been receiving increasing heat about the struggle for amnesty for illegal immigrants among progressive Democrats. 

The Washington Times reported that Democrats expected the measure to be put into the social safety net makeover and that many voters believe Harris has the ability to make it happen.

Should the Vice President follow through on her promise to make permanence a reality for the illegal residents of the United States, millions of undocumented immigrants could receive amnesty all at once.

Harris, who is the daughter of immigrants and has framed herself as a propionate of illegal immigration, and Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA in Action, says that her work as a senator only does more for their cause:

Democrats owe a debt to immigrants in exchange for each election cycle in which we mobilized our people to the polls because of the promise to reform our broken immigration system,” Mr. Torres said. “Vice President Harris has the law and the power on her side to deliver on that promise.”

There are more than 50 groups who have made it their mission to secure permanent residency for the illegal immigrants and in pursuit of that goal sent a letter to Harris last week at the vice president’s residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory this week asking for a meeting to make their case. Having heard nothing, they released the letter on Sept 30, making it available to the public.

Mr. Kim, an illegal immigrant under the protection of the DACA program made a plea for his cause saying, “Vice President Harris has a unique opportunity to reverse the Biden-Harris administration’s currently dire legacy on immigration.”

However, if Harris conceded and gives the groups what they want, it could push the very sensitive issue of the filibuster away from where Democrats want it to go, and Harris is likely unwillingly to be part of that effort’s demise.

“If the parliamentarian’s rulings mean nothing, then the 60-vote rule means nothing and therefore the filibuster is done,” said Michael McKenna, a top legislative official in the Trump administration.