Prior to sentencing hearing, Ghislaine Maxwell was moved to ‘suicide watch’ status

Prior to her sentencing on Tuesday, Jeffrey Epstein-connected sex trafficking assistant Ghislaine Maxwell was suddenly placed on suicide watch at the jail where she was being held, Fox News reports.

The move came even as Maxwell was not deemed to be suicidal. Her lawyers had requested that because of the new designation that her sentencing be postponed, a move that wouldn’t come to fruition for Maxwell and her legal defense team, as she was hit with a 20-year sentence on Tuesday.

Though it’s written off as whacky, right-wing conspiracy theory by most in the media, many, including NotTheBee, raised the possibility that she might have been moved to suicide watch after naming Bill and Hillary Clinton — or at least their Clinton Initiative — in a filing highlighting some of the good things Maxwell had done in her life.

“For example, she helped set up the Clinton Global Initiative,” NotTheBee wrote.

The website added: “Up until now, the court has kept Epstein’s list of clients sealed, so if Bill Clinton was on that list, his name has not been dropped in the trial, but now the Clinton name is publicly in the court documents tangentially, and for some reason anyone that has dirt on the Clinton’s becomes very suicidal.”

A number of outlets reached out to the Bureau of Prisons to find out if her connection with Epstein was the driver behind placing her on suicide watch.

Epstein conveniently died in a New York jail before his sentencing, with many still believing that he was “suicided” instead of actually committing suicide himself, as the official autopsy reports revealed.

Others who’ve followed Maxwell’s trial from the start are still asking for the infamous “list” of clients that many believe she kept for Epstein, some of which could contain extremely high-profile names of celebrities and politicians.