Princeton to fire star professor who caused a fuss over woke insanity

Princeton University is reportedly preparing to fire one of their star professors following his decision to speak out against woke theology.

According to a report by The Washington Free Beacon, the university is investigating Professor Joshua Katz over a decade-old consensual relationship with a student, seeming to find possible grounds for his termination.

This distinguished professor caught the backhand of criticism over talking about the school’s racial politics, and students protested him and asked for university investigations on more than one occasion. 

“University President Christopher Eisgruber—who in 2020 alleged that Katz had failed to exercise his free speech “responsibly”—passed his recommendation that Katz be stripped of tenure and fired to the university’s board of trustees last week, according to three sources with firsthand knowledge of the situation,” the Free Beacon reported. 

The publication also reported that is exceedingly rare for a tenured professor to be fired from their position, and even more so when one has Katz stellar record: 

“By the university’s own admission, he did not commit fraud or sexual misconduct, two of the most common grounds for revoking tenure. Rather, the university is citing as grounds for dismissal a consensual relationship Katz engaged in with a student more than a decade ago, and for which he was already disciplined by the school in 2018.”

Princeton did not quickly respond to the Free Beacon’s request for comment, and the publication noted that Katz dismissal will probably prompt debate about the reasons for his departure. 

During his time there, Katz has become known as one of the campus’s most outspoken critics of “backbreaking” political correctness, and that has included calls from faculty members awarding their minority colleagues extra sabbatical time, “course relief,” and “summer salary.”

“It boggles my mind that anyone would advocate giving people—extraordinarily privileged people already, let me point out: Princeton professors—extra perks for no reason other than their pigmentation,” he wrote in July 2020 in an essay for Quillette. 

“While free speech permits students and faculty to make arguments that are bold, provocative, or even offensive,” Eisgruber said, “we all have an obligation to exercise that right responsibly. Joshua Katz has failed to do so.”