Priest who officiated at Biden inauguration Mass resigns amid misconduct probe

An investigation of Father Kevin O’Brien, the Jesuit priest who officiated at President Joe Biden’s inaugural Mass, has now led to the cleric’s resignation, after the probe revealed his participation in inappropriate, alcohol-fueled gatherings with graduate students at Santa Clara University, where he served as president, according to the Washington Examiner.

The controversy surrounding O’Brien involves an independent investigation initiated earlier this year by the USA West Province into the priest’s conduct during his tenures as university president. At the time the probe was launched, O’Brien was placed on leave.

The Examiner now reports that the completed inquiry revealed that “Father O’Brien engaged in behaviors, consisting primarily of conversations, during a series of informal dinners with Jesuit graduate students that were inconsistent with established Jesuit protocols and boundaries,” and that alcohol was involved during the conduct at issue.

Though he was given the opportunity to remain on extended leave and undergo alcohol and stress management therapy, according to the San Jose Mercury News, O’Brien gave notice to the college’s Board of Trustees that he would be resigning his post, effective May 9, a decision that was accepted the following day. The priest had served as president of the school since July of 2019, as the Examiner also noted.

An advocacy group for past victims of sexual conduct committed within the Catholic Church has asked the Jesuits to expand the probe of O’Brien to include other places he has been previously employed, including Georgetown University. The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) issued a statement saying, according to the Associated Press:

SNAP is alarmed with the limited amount of information that has been provided about the case and wants to see the probe expanded.

Many on the Santa Clara University campus were equally perplexed by the departure and lamented the lack of details provided by school administration on what prompted the probe and O’Brien’s departure, according to the Mercury News.

Freshman Norelisa Nascimento said that while sympathizes with the priest’s need for discretion and privacy, “we’re still wondering, what could he have said,” and she further asked, “what could he have done to have caused this scandal?”

According to a January press release from the university announcing O’Brien’s selection as the celebrant for the inaugural Mass, the priest has enjoyed a personal friendship with members of the Biden family for 15 years, going back to his tenure at Georgetown.

The Roman Catholic Mass was held at The Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle on Jan. 20 and included Biden, then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, their families, congressional leaders, and other invited guests.

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  3. I bet he was a priest that was giving communion to Joe, Nancy and so many more, probably Hunter to! Believing in murder, a baby is a person, abortion is murder! How do you get communion for murdering babies!? Blasphemy!

  4. The Dem’s are so crooked that they couldn’t even get a priest that’s on the up and up! They are following Satan himself and all who follow their lead will suffer!

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  9. Biden, his cabinet, his family, friendly members of his Congress are all heinous and heretical sinners. And starting with the Second Vatican Ecumenical Counsel, all popes since, up to and including the current pope, much of the clerics in the Catholic Church are equally heretical. Having hidden the “true” 3rd Secret of Fatima, and replaced Sr. Lucia with an imposter, the so-called leaders or “fathers” of the Catholic Church have been fulfilling prophecies of evil and doom of the peoples of this world. The Book of Revelation points that out pretty clearly.
    God gave every soul the the possibility and ability to know Him. We are each responsible for what we do with that knowledge.

  10. I am with “Cath” (see above) You are so true! One cannot blame the church…it’s the priest or person running the church…& Biden is making his own rules…all downhill…sorry to say…Lord Forgive them for they know not what they do!!

  11. It is not for me to judge all people are sinners and some are forgiven and some aren’t, God will seperate the good from the unforgiven at the time they stand before him at their death or end of time that will be here very shortely. Just like the seperating the wheat and the chaff. Heaven is awating the forgiven and Hell is awating the unforgiven for eternety. Pray on for GOD not to wait in returning to claim his own. AMEN.!!!!!

  12. No matter what religious faith you belong to being a priest Pastor you teacher it civil or religious teacher .doctor. political leader military leader boys or girl scout leader anything in power like that you got to hold yourself to a higher standards and those you need moral physical ethical

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  14. Does this in some way void Prez Bidet Inaugration . If he is not a true priest that should void the current administration . We still believe in God as the builder of America or is God out of the picture completely .

  15. It is poathetic that the Biden admin had the nerve to attend church. They think they can confess their and God will be fooled into thinking they are sincere. Such a joke. Also this includes Rhino Mitch McConnel. Only an evil priest would get involved.

    1. How about the prayer said by the Methodist minister? It was so evil it made my skin crawl. It is not the Church – it is the individual sinner. There are as many or more pedophiles in the Protestant and Baptist and other religious groups as there are among Catholic Priests. Unfortunately the media hates the Catholics most and they report on their sins more. Much as they hate Conservatives.

  16. EVERYTHING about the Biden administration is thoroughly corrupt so why should anyone at all be surprised about this priest?

      1. You are correct. I don’t worship anyone but God himself, but all churches are made up of men and women (that includes children too). There are extremely good and evil people in every group including Catholics and protestants. There are wolves in sheeps clothing in every group who need to be gotten rid of.

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      1. Was he the guy that made the decision to ban Biden taking Communion? If it was, then this could be retribution for his call. With Biden’s stance on abortion alone, it seems like a good call to me.

    1. Rick – it is NOT “the church” – the CHURCH is led by CHRIST Himself…it is the HUMAN BEINGS who are NOT “perfect” although we expect some to be…Adam and Eve made THAT decision for us…do NOT condemn the CHURCH for the shortfalls and failures of “man” and his incapability! READ GEN 3!!! THAT will clear it all up for you. AGAIN – it is the PEOPLE, NOT the Catholic Church!!! Please know the Church and God’s teachings directly instead of regurgitating what someone else says. Read the Catholic Living Bible instead of some version a king decided was pertinent because he didn’t want to be Catholic because of his divorce issues that countered the teachings!!! KNOW ACCURATE HISTORY!

      1. Sorry Cathy. The King James’ version is the most accurate. King James had scholars do the translations not demanding that they be Catholic or Protestant, and most of them were atheists. The whole Bible is about the death and resurrection of Christ and what that death really means. God uses the nonbeliever to get His will done, not just believers. Christ chose to die because that is the only way mankind can be redeemed after the Fall. Why do bad things happen to “good” people? They happen because God will not violate our free wills no matter what. You are right about Christ being the head of the Church. It is our responsibility to know how to live and we do that by being sure we are in a church that teaches the truth, nothing but the truth based on the Bible only, not man’s traditions. That priest can go to heaven after death only if he repents and accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior, just like the rest of us. Repentance means he will not continue in that sin.

    2. I am 66 years old and have been a Roman Catholic all my life. I know Church doctrine. When you are a part of any Christian religion you have to support their doctrine. You can’t pick and chose what you want and don’t want to worship. So if you are a Catholic you worship by Catholic theology. And as a priest if you do anything to go against your oath to the Lord then you need not partake in the Catholic teachings of any Church, University, etc. Yes an investigation is warranted but those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

    3. FILTHY BIDEN AND HARRIS……….. HOW MUCH DID THEY PAY HIM?????????? THE VATICAN HAD BETTER CLEAN UP THEIR ACT…. The Biden’s are a corrupt filthy family and HE IS NO CATHOLIC by any stretch of the imagination. HE IS A LIAR AND A HERETIC.

      1. I agree with you!! I am an atheist, and I don’t need religion! I don’t steal, lie, or rob! But there are many Catholic’s or Jews, or many other “religious “.people are criminals!!
        As an atheist, I use my teaching and nursing degrees daily!
        I hate the fights between religions.!!

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    5. Has nothing to do with Catholic Church, other than he was supposed to be a priest. But, has all to do with evil in people’s hearts. Happens in all churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, scouts, any and all organization and government leads the way.

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