President Trump gets huge win in Wisconsin

In a bombshell win for the Trump campaign, a Wisconsin judge has ruled that voting officials improperly waived voter ID requirements in the 2020 election, opening the way for Trump to challenge tens of thousands of ballots in a state that Joe Biden won be less than 20,000 votes.

You won’t see the media covering this. reports:

In a case challenging the practice in Dane County, one of Wisconsin’s large urban center around the city of Madison, the state’s highest court ruled only those voters whose “own age, physical illness or infirmity” makes them homebound could declare themselves “indefinitely confined” and avoid complying with a requirement for photo ID.

The mere existence of a COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown orders was not sufficient under Wisconsin law for all persons to skip the voter ID requirements to seek to vote absentee, the justices ruled.

The court filings indicated nearly 200,000 voters declared themselves permanently confined in the state’s spring primary, a marked rise over prior years, and even more did so in the general election. The ruling opens the door for Republicans to potentially challenge those votes if it can be shown the voters weren’t sick or elderly as required by the law.

Here’s another thing that the media won’t cover – good news during a pandemic.

How’s this for a bombshell?