President Trump, Don Jr. may face bogus criminal charges

In a TV interview, the supposedly non-political arbiter of justice in the District of Columbia, Attorney General Karl Racine, hinted that President Trump, his son Don Jr., and attorney Rudy Guiliani could potentially face criminal charges.

The New York Post reports:

In an interview with “Good Morning America,” DC Attorney General Karl Racine, whose office is investigating dozens of rioters, laid the blame at the feet of the president for his fiery speech to supporters before many of them invaded Congress.

“I think the question is, how far up does it go? Clearly the Capitol was ground central in all of this mob’s behavior,” Racine said.

Donald Trump Jr., Giuliani, even the president of the United States, were calling on their supporters and hate groups to go to the Capitol and in the words of Rudy Giuliani ‘exercise combat justice,’” he went on.

“We’re going to investigate not only the mobsters but also those who invited the violence.”

My first question is why Mr. Racine is on TV, spouting off about possible criminal charges? Is that how he runs his office, discussing his constitutional law enforcement decisions on national TV instead of making a sober, professional and impartial judgment far from the limelight?

My second question is who is he calling hate groups and mobsters? Those are loaded political terms, and it sure seems like Mr. Racine has tried and convicted a lot of people in his head already, before the trial. Certainly, most of the people listening to the Trump’s speeches were not hate groups or mobsters, but American citizens who protested in a peaceful manner.

Unfortunately, DC is full of desperate wannabes, clawing their way to their pathetic 15 minutes of fame. Mr. Racine appears to be one of them.

He shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of power and responsibility. You can read the full story here.

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    1. pelosi son in law came in on a bus with 28 antifa her son in law with the Buffalo head dress on telling antifa what to do. Stupidity runs threaten a peaceful group truns dangerous with antifa in the ranks. 🐂💩 people not knowing what was going on making ludicrous claims need to STFU. SEMPER FIDELIS

      1. I wondered about that bozo with the buffalo headress. Nancy pellosseau’s bastard son. Well, he should be hanged by his gooyoons.

    2. He wants to suck up to Biden, and he needs attention. Or maybe he thinks that Biden will make him the governor when DC. Becomes a state.

  1. I never heard of him until now. Where was he when the Democrats mobsters and rioters were burning cities and killing where was he he couldn’t or wouldn’t intervene then.


        1. The Trump supporters were late getting there because the president was late giving his speech and he talked longer than usual about being calm and collected! That was Antifa protestors inciting the crowd paid by democrats! They have him on video telling them not to incite a riot!

    1. How does he know that they were Trump supporters? Could of been democrats or Antifa or the Proud Boys. Don’t believe CNN.

      1. I agree with you but the Proud Boys would never do that. However there is proof that Antifa was there. Will the media report that? Probably not

  2. What Have We Done!!

    The experiment called The United States of America has not yet failed. While it is true that suspect reagents have contaminated the mix, the experiment continues, limping along toward an end that is yet unknown.
    Those who have lived through the glory days were indeed fortunate and will always use those times as the standard by which to measure current and future conditions; past times when freedoms were utmost, prosperity and growth blatant for everyone and an atmosphere of great expectations uplifted the citizenry of the land.
    Now, it has become a land covered by the pall of a growing police state, a nation that portends shortages where abundance reigned, loss of vitality where unparalleled growth was the rule, where voices are silenced, violence replaced peace and the shroud of lawlessness and dark days loomed.
    The stifling of creativity, individualism, pride of country, safety, health and religion was now the norm, a smothering, smoldering normal that was being forced upon the people, a people predicted to stand up and reject the backward stench of greed, smugness, intolerance, segregation and deceit.
    America’s history was being re-written, hiding the truth of its sacrifices and progress; distorting the reality of those who contributed greatness, genius and insight; dashing its most precious documents and prostituting their intent and design for the glorious future America had the wherewithal to envision and create.
    By forbidding a reverence for God, God will show His hand and the finger of God will press on those who shun Him and have ushered His recognition from prominence.

    Dr. Jan Wade Gilbert
    Wilmington NC

    1. You said it all and I agree. Who the Hell do these people think they are? Michelle Obama , a Muslin brotheredhood person told Tweeteer to shut President Trumps done for good so they did! I think Obamas’ family should go back to Africa where they belong! After all even his family there do not want him around!

      This virus is a fraud, so they can force people to be goverment depended, and they want to force people to get the vaccine to put a chip in people to control our lives money and all!

  3. In this nation, we still have freedom of speech…but who knows when even that will be taken from us. If they can cheat an election and get away with it, then to them it is just a beginning. We must demand our Constitutional rights be left unmolested. We should be willing to die fighting for what our forefathers built for us as a free people. Freedom is not just another word for nothing left to lose. It is nothing if it isn’t real and protected. Today is the time for all who love America to come to the aid of their nation. Many fought and died for the many freedoms we have. Sites like Twitter and Facebook censor free expression, even though that is what they initially supported. They are leaven, and the poison that gives so called leaders ideas of oppression to serve them at times such as today. The democrat party shows that freedom is not on their agenda…think about it.

    1. The cover up is that the demonrats, with the help of false police who let Antifa dressed up as patriots into the Capital building are actually responsible. It was Antifa, no doubt given orders by demonrats, including Killery to do what they did… so that they could place the blame on Prsident Trump.

  4. Quit trying to find anything on the Trumps! They have gotten more done and more GOOD for the country than many presidents combined!
    I am so sick of sending our money elsewhere, while some recipients turn the money we give them into weapons and murder instead of food and medical help for citizens!
    You want to find corruption? Look at the Bidens! There is undisputable corruption there!
    I can’t wait to see what the non biased investigation turns up!

  5. This is like watching an old gangster movie. The criminals are doing all the bad stuff they can because they haven’t been held in check. Ever wonder why the COVID-19 never was investigated? I read that Pelosi blocked it? Is there any truth to this and if so why would she block it. For some reason Pelosi seems to have more power than America. Just when Trump is going to get his second term Pelosi gets her pandemic from China. It’s bad to hate someone that much. God Bless America

    1. I Agree, I feel real bad about becoming a HATER But OBUMMER started it ALL when his wife said, “Now we can finally start to love America”.. I knew then that He was a Foreign born Black that finally could actually foster Hate.. I could not stop myself, nor do I wanna even try, That Hate became instilled in me at the Moment of Her words..I have always Loved America & never could understand why she needed recognition in such a despising way..


        1. I agree. History is so important, it gives us a reference of what works and what doesn’t. It is crucial to moving forward, so we don’t repeat mistakes. We need to make sure our children are taught the real history.

  6. So this is criminal what happened in Washington but not when the demonrats condoned violent riots with millions in damages in major cities. Antifa and BLM were lauded for rioting and someone who shall be named Harris bailed out the rioters. You cannot have it both ways. The whole Harris govt is false.

  7. Nobody arrested Madonna when she said she wanted to kill the President. What happened to sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me? What about your peaceful protesters? They burned cars,buildings, and beat up innocent people. They destroyed city blocks like a baby
    having a fit. But they had a reason, so that is O.K. ??? All countries fall soon or later, that is a fact. Is it time for the United States to fall? Something to think about. Our country is split 50-50. Most young people think they are owed. Most young people are spoiled. We use to be a nation of makers, now we are a nation of takers. We are headed to being a clone of China. Or this nation will divide into two separate countries.

  8. With the millions the Dems are spending on the Trump investagations, could have been given to the American people who need it!!!!


  10. I heard Peelosi saying it was our children. She sure screwed up our childrens future.
    She is not a honest being. I think she’ll die before she gets her glory and they want to erase our constitutional history? She will be erased from history. But, the ones to see and hear what is happening today will never forget. And if our children listen they’ll know the real history of a stolen election by the crooks of corruption.

  11. the courts of this country are corupt they have evidence of biden comunists ties to russia and ukrain,yhey wont touch that,but they will try to prossicte a president that made this country great again! the courts should be cleaned out of these useless liberal crap heads!

  12. So where in hell are the criminal charges against the democrats, media loud mouth scums and the hollywood scum that threatened President Trump, his family and any of their supporters. Those were committed for the last 4 1/2 years. Looks like there is a backlog of chargeable people far ahead of PRESIDENT TRUMP. This action is straight out of the Marx’s Communist manifesto which is becoming the history book used in our education system today.

  13. Everybody on earth could “POTENTIALLY” face criminal charges !!! The thing that this IDIOT so called JUDGE forgot to mention is that in order for someone to be charged with a criminal offence, he or she must first commit said offence !!!! Liberals are really good at leaving out the most important facts when trying to get THEIR opinion accepted !!! JUDGES AND LAWYERS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN HIGHLY PAID PROFESSIONAL LIARS !!!

  14. I don’t think that President Trump can be charged and indicted as long as he is President. As an Attorney General this guy should know that. More Bull#### from the mouths of the left!

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