President Biden’s approval ratings plummet to new low in latest poll

President Biden continues to disappoint Americans by the millions if the latest round of new approval/disapproval polls are any indication.

According to Breitbart, in the latest iteration of the Trafalgar Group poll, which was published Friday, the president set a new record for himself by garnering an approval rating that landed under 40% — 39.6% to be exact. 

Just last month in the same poll, Biden was already hitting rock bottom with a 43.5% approval rating. His disapproval rating in last month’s poll came in at 54.3%.

Adding to the bad news for a president who literally can’t seem to get anything right on the major issues currently facing this country, Biden’s disapproval jumped to 56%, and worse yet, over 50% of those who disapprove indicated that they “strongly” disapprove.

When observed from party lines, Biden still holds a 61.1% approval rating from Democratic voters. However, the real trouble for the embattled president are the numbers from independent voters, who clearly have lost confidence in the president since he entered the White House earlier this year.

Shockingly, only 27.5% of independents signaled that they approve of Biden’s performance, leaving millions of independent voters who might have once supported Biden now clearly questioning their choice in presidents.

In another bombshell poll by the same group, it appears as if Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t fairing much better, as she took an especially hard hit on her job, so far, of handling the immigration crisis at the southern U.S border.

An astonishing 74.9% of Americans, including Democrats, believe Harris has done a “poor” job of handling the migrant crisis at the southern border, Breitbart noted.

Both Biden and Harris can’t seem to find their footing on virtually every important issue facing America, including immigration, the economy, jobs numbers, legislative pushes, COVID-19, and their most recent foreign policy disaster in Afghanistan. The worst part? We’re barely nine months into this train wreck of a White House.