President Biden sinks to new approval rating low of 36%, new Zogby survey says

President Joe Biden, even after nine months in the White House, has yet to secure a victory that would reassure those who voted for him last year that he’s the right person for the job.

According to the Washington Examiner, the president is not only failing to maintain his once-popular status, he’s actually losing ground with his support base in a rapid manner. A new Zogby Poll revealed that the struggling president just hit an embarrassingly low 36% approval rating.

“Our latest polling shows President Biden with a 36% positive job performance rating (excellent-15% and good-21% combined), while his negative rating is 61% (fair-19% and poor-42% combined),” pollster Jonathan Zogby told the Examiner.

But it’s not simply his low approval numbers that could absolutely wreck his presidency, it’s also his polling numbers within key demographics that both he, and Democratic candidates in 2022, are counting on to be strong. Unfortunately for them, they appear to be going down with the same sinking ship.

Zogby solidified that concern, telling the Examiner, “Women voters are abandoning ship. Biden needs to improve his polling numbers with women or Democratic leaders risk losing the 2022 midterm election.”

The pollster seemed to place a major portion of the blame on the 78-year-old president’s plummeting polling numbers on his inability to pass two key pieces of legislation — the $3.5 trillion spending bill and an infrastructure package — that only a few months ago were considered a slam dunk by both the Biden administration and Democrats.

Adding to the administration’s looming problems are a variety of other polls that place the president nearly as low in approval ratings as the Zogby poll, and additional polls that show him losing in a hypothetical matchup against former President Donald Trump, as Newsweek reported.

The president is also losing critical support from independent voters, The Hill noted, who often cast their votes based on a candidate’s performance and the issues of the day.

Only time will tell if Biden manages to pull a rabbit from his hat prior to the 2022 midterm election season, but if he continues on his current path, Democrats are in for a great awakening.