President Biden caught on video creepily sniffing young girls hair before whispering in her ear

President Joe Biden has repeatedly displayed bizarre behavior with young children, especially young girls.

A video posted to Twitter on Sunday showed President Biden sniffing the hair of a young girl as he whispered into her ear. The incident occurred as the President was surrounded by onlookers and reporters during a bike ride in Delaware.

The President was posing with an unidentified family and seemed to be a bit confused about what was happening.

This is far from the first bizarre incident that the President has had with a young girl.

Back in 2021, President Biden sent his staff into a panic after he commented on an elementary school girl saying, “she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

That comment by Biden both illustrated how clueless the President seems to be but also seems to suggest that there’s something worse at play beneath the surface.

President Biden has been caught on video on multiple occasions displaying creepy behavior with young girls.

The same liberals who screeched at the slightest indiscretions by former President Donald Trump have turned a blind eye to Biden’s bizarre and creepy behavior.

No doubt, the President’s staff will once again be working overtime to distract from this latest video.