Powerful explosion levels Dallas suburban home, officials unsure of cause

Life changed forever for residents of a Dallas, Texas suburb over the weekend after a home in the neighborhood suddenly exploded, which resulted in a blast so massive that it was reportedly heard up to one mile away.

According to Fox News, the explosion happened near the 4400 block of Cleveland Drive, according to a Plano Fire-Rescue spokesperson. The explosion not only left the home in a pile of smoldering rubble, but it also, unsurprisingly, sent three adults and three children to nearby hospitals for treatment, though their conditions aren’t currently known.

Shockingly, only one of the persons transported to the hospital was in the home that exploded. The other five were reportedly in a house next door.

Images of the tragic explosion were soon uploaded to social media.

“All of the sudden I heard what I thought was my sliding glass door breaking,” Caroline Klobas, a neighbor, said. “And I just noticed two picture frames on the wall fall down and the sound and that didn’t match up. When my husband pulled into our garage, the roof had caved in.”

Not unexpectedly, a number of homes in the immediate vicinity of the exploded home were damaged from the remarkably powerful blast.

As of this writing, investigators are still attempting to discover a cause for the explosion, with many on social media comparing the event to previous instances of gas line explosions, which tend to be powerful enough to result in the kind of damage that the Dallas home experienced.

Regardless, all that matters at this point is that those who were injured and taken to the hospital are stable. Homes can be rebuilt.