Powerful Democrat Gets REMOVAL News – He’s Fuming

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  1. I agree with these well written comments. The problem is we are all “preaching to the choir”. We need to be saying all this on the left’s social media so the people who voted for this tyrannical administration get some truth.

  2. There is one thing for sure…….we still have some strong republicans and patriots fighting for the rights of our country. But we have so much in front of us that it seems impossible at times. Two steps forward, one step back. Trump is working for our country, just don’t forget that.

  3. Hey guys they just came out with the news that he is going to stay on the committee because every single Dems voted to let him stay. So that has got to tell you something about what they think about our country. They obviously don’t care that he was involved with a Chinese spy for sometime or just maybe some of them too were getting a little of that action also.

  4. It’s a good start and it’s about time, However, you know as well as I, that there’s others with close ties and or in bed with the Chinese that are also a national security risk and also should be called out or kicked out.

  5. He doesn’t need to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee.

    He needs to be charged for TREASON.

    1. What the hell is wrong with PELOSER?????? She has a person from her party that has been carrying on with a SPY and cannot get Swalwell removed from his position on the COMMITTEE that is supposed to oversee this kind of CRAP???!!! Weinstein is finally leaving, after her shameful manner of ???? at Kavanaugh hearings? She should be joined by about 50 more DUMBOCRAPS that have been acting so shameful for such a long time!!! Hard to believe that so many politicians from the same party are so rude and improper in their duties to the AMERICA that so many people have loved and fought for such a long time!! Difficult to believe that Biden has been so stupid that he invited the entire southern hemisphire and then blames the influx on President Trump!! I guess it really doesn’t matter, since he will be replaced by KKAAAMMMMMMMMY soon,,,so once again the Dumbocraps don’t have to accept the blame, nor the responsibility for the DEBAUCLE that has INVITED THE ENTIRE SOUTHERN HEMISPHIRE TO INVADE USA!!

    1. If that happens, it might show that the Republicans could indeed get some spine when it’s needed!!!
      It would be a nice “ beginning “ to finally let those marxists in power now in DC that they MUST also obey the laws… regardless of how “ special “ they think they are !!!!!
      Like Queen Pelosi said : “no one should be above the law”( of course she was only referring to President Trump !)
      Shameless crooks!!!!!

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