Polling reveals continued decline in Biden job approval ratings

Just half a year into President Joe Biden’s first term in office, recent polling suggests that voters en masse are experiencing serious buyer’s remorse sure to give the administration pause, as the commander in chief continues to pursue policies likely to alienate large swaths of the population, according to Nick Stehle at Townhall.com.

In support of that thesis, Stehle cites a new survey from the Center for Excellence in Polling, which revealed that less than one half of American voters currently approve of the president’s job performance, which represented a substantial drop from May.

According to Stehle, the decline in support for Biden is not hard to explain, given his push for an agenda filled with massive spending projects and welfare programs that feel a lot like socialism. Furthermore, the rise in the cost of consumer goods seen in just the ;past year and skyrocketing gas prices are having a tangible impact on the lives of everyday Americans, who, unsurprisingly, assign blame at the top.

As The Hill also notes, Biden’s job approval ratings are taking a dive just as the nation is experiencing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases and talks of renewed pandemic restrictions and mitigation efforts.

The outlet cited a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll study disseminated last week that pegged Biden’s approval at 52%, which represents a drop of 10 points since June – a result likely giving the White House cause for concern.

The Harvard CAPS poll also noted that the number of participants who believe the country is currently on the right track dropped to 46% in July, after reaching a high point of 53% in June, with those expressing the opinion that the country is on the wrong track jumping to 47% from 39% in June.

The results of the survey, according to Mark Penn of Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, are a clear indication that the traditional post-inauguration honeymoon period experienced by most presidents “is officially over.”

Penn added, “Overall the country has come down from its mood highs as the Delta variant is putting a crimp in America’s plan to party now and go back to work after Labor Day.”

As Stehle asserted, the intuitive approach usually followed by presidents ahead of midterm elections is to pursue a more populist tack to help his party secure congressional majorities, but if Biden’s recent behavior to the contrary is any indicator, the voter backlash in 2022 could be much more than he bargained for.