Poll: Trump would defeat Biden if 2020 match-up occurred today

American voter approval of President Joe Biden has taken a beating in recent weeks, and adding insult to injury for the commander in chief is a new poll indicating that if the 2020 election match-up were to occur right now, former President Donald Trump would emerge as the victor, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The bad news for Biden came in a Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted both online and via telephone contact between Aug. 16 and 17, right in the thick of the chaos that emerged as the Taliban took control of the American-backed government in Afghanistan with lighting speed.

The Rasmussen poll found that 43% of respondents would, if the 2020 match-up happened today, cast their ballot for Trump, 37% would support Biden, and a full 14% would opt for another candidate entirely.

Troubling trends for the current president continued to mount within the more discrete categories of analysis contained in the survey, with 12% of respondents who voted for Biden last fall saying that they regret their choice, while only 2% of those who supported Trump expressed a similar sentiment.

According to Rasmussen, perhaps the key takeaway from the survey is the fact that if the 2020 presidential election were to be held today, with the same candidate choices as last Fall, Trump would be sent back to the White House, given that only 79% of those who opted for Biden in November would do so today, with 7% of voters willingly switching over to Trump instead.

As damaging as the aforementioned results are for Biden specifically, other findings from the survey hint what may be broader – and indeed negative – implications for the future of the Democrat Party. A startling 14% of Black voters – always a reliable contingent for the left – have regrets about how they voted in 2020, and more women respondents indicated that if they could, they would now change their vote from Biden to Trump.

It is worth noting that Rasmussen is not the only polling outlet to recently highlight Biden’s waning support among American voters, with a Reuters/Ipsos poll earlier this week indicating that his job approval had plummeted 7% to reach its lowest point to date during his White House tenure, according to the New York Post.

All may not be lost for those voters who wish they could travel back in time to support Trump at the polls, as signals continue to build that the former president is ramping up for another campaign for the nation’s top job in 2024.

Just last month, Trump revealed to Fox News host Sean Hannity that he had already made a decision about whether he will seek the presidency again, and this week, he assured Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business – an outspoken proponent of many of the former president’s policies – that she will be “very happy” once he declares his plans, perhaps the strongest indication yet that he intends to enter the fray once again.