Poll shows Trump leading Biden with likely voters in 5 battleground states

Former Presidnet Donald Trump takes the lead with likely voters in five key states according to internal polling data reported by The Daily Caller

According to the publication, Trump’s lead explored in the poll was in five states that President Joe Biden won in the 2020 presidential election, which could signify significant change for the upcoming election. 

“Biden flipped Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia in 2020, handing him a decisive 306-232 Electoral College victory over Trump,” the Daily Caller reported.

“But Trump’s internal poll shows him up in all five and leading in some by double-digits,” the publication went on, indicating that the former president could hold a strong possibility of being the president once again. 

In the state of Wisconsin Trump held a 10 point lead over Biden and that was strengthened to 12 points in Michigan. He beat out Biden by six points in Pennsylvania, eight points in Arizona, and three points in Georgia.

All of the last three were states that Biden won by less than a three-point margin in 2020, which is within most poll’s margin for error. 

The former president’s gains aren’t entirely unexpected, however, as the former resident of the Oval Office continued his campaign-style rallies since leaving office, continuing what he started in 2015, rallying Americans behind his Make America Great Again mantra. 

Included in his key moves was to hold rallies in some of the battleground states that were at issue after the last election, seeming to indicate an awareness of where he would need assistance in 2024, should he run again. 

According to the Daily Caller, “The poll also found that Trump was viewed more favorably than Biden in the five states. He received at least 50% approval in each, despite failing crack that margin in any of the five last November.”