Poll shows notable support even among Democrats for potential Biden impeachment

Democrats perfected the art of using impeachment as a political cudgel during former President Donald Trump’s term in office, but considering the plummeting approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance, even among members of his own party, the wheels may already be in motion to subject him to a similar scenario, according to the Tampa Free Press.

As the outlet notes, new polling from Rasmussen reveals that a staggering 50% of all voters in the United States support the impeachment of Biden, with a similar number expressing confidence that such a process will indeed be initiated by Republicans if they reclaim a congressional majority come November.

Notably, of those who are in favor of Biden’s impeachment, 33% said they “strongly” support such a move, a proportion of the electorate whose intensity of opinion may only grow in the coming weeks and months.

Perhaps most alarming to Biden, however, should be the poll’s finding that a shocking 34% of survey participants identifying as Democrats said they support his impeachment, with 19% of those voicing “strong” support for it.

As the Free Press pointed out, according to a recent CBS/YouGov poll, the tally of Democrats who expressed that they feel “secure” with Biden at the helm has dropped by 10 percentage points since April of 2021 and those who declared the president to be “effective” tumbled from 88% to 72%, perhaps leaving him far more vulnerable to impeachment calls than ever before.

The idea of impeaching Biden has been floated more than once since he reached the Oval Office, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) having introduced multiple such resolutions against the president since last year, bringing the first one forth in January of last year.

As her rationale for three recent impeachment resolutions, Greene cited “his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, his violations of immigration law causing a national security crisis on our Southern border, and his usurping of the Constitutional balance of power by ignoring the ruling of the Supreme Court,” the third item being a reference to his willingness to disregard the high court’s decision on a pandemic-related eviction moratorium.

Just over one year into his presidency, Biden has also been the subject of impeachment resolutions brought forth by Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Bob Gibbs (R-OH), among others.

Whether Republicans will indeed take a leaf out of the Democrats’ playbook and pursue impeachment remains to be seen, but given the rise in support for such a move revealed by recent polling, the possibility seems to become more realistic by the day.