Poll shows growing voter disapproval of Biden border policies

Despite continued administration attempts to downplay the escalating crisis at the southern border resulting from the deliberate rollback of Trump-era immigration policies, growing numbers of Americans are voicing their strong disapproval of the situation, according to recent polls.

As Breitbart reports, a new Pew Research Center survey shows that the number of those who believe illegal immigration is a major concern facing the country has grown by 20% just since last year, in a sign of serious trouble for President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The poll, taken between April 5 and April 11 indicates that at present, 48% of Americans say that illegal immigration is a very big problem, up from 28% in June of last year. Notably, the current figure is a greater number of voters than those who rank the coronavirus as a more pressing concern.

Especially alarming to Biden and his colleagues should be the fact that the increase in worry about illegal immigration appear to transcend party affiliation, with just 15% of Democrats calling the issue a very big problem last summer, compared to 29% today, as Breitbart noted.

This opinion trend was mirrored recently in a Rasumussen Reports survey of 1,250 voters that was conducted between March 28 and April 1. That poll revealed that roughly 60% of American voters believe the federal government is doing “too little” to stem the tide of illegal entries, with only 14% believing that the government is doing “too much” in that regard.

Adding to Biden’s problem is the outcome of a Quinnipiac poll taken earlier this month which indicated disapproval levels for his border policies among the all-important independent voters at 64%, with 55% Latino respondents voicing their disapproval as well. When taken together with Republican opposition to the administration’s reversal of former President Trump’s policies, overall national disapproval on this topic reached 55%.

Public disagreement with the president’s approach to the border crisis has likely been exacerbated by the prevailing perception that Vice President Kamala Harris – tapped weeks ago by Biden to serve as the point person on the migrant influx – has been essentially missing in action. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) lamented publicly last week that “The VP has not traveled to the border, held a press conference, or offered ANY plan to mitigate the ongoing crisis.”

Though the administration has made no indication of an intent to pull back on its broader open borders policy positions, late last week, Biden did walk back an earlier promise to raise the number of refugee admissions permitted this year, perhaps in partial response to his cratering approval ratings on immigration.

It remains to be seen whether the administration will start responding to growing disapproval among the electorate of its disastrous mishandling of the southern border, but based on this series of polls, Democrats may be in for a serious reckoning next November unless a course correction happens soon.