Poll reveals majority believe Biden admin is letting gas prices increase

Then-candidate Joe Biden, and his team, made clear on the 2020 campaign trail that one of his main goals, should he win the White House, was to tackle the “existential crisis” known as climate change. One of ways of doing that is to lessen — and eventually eliminate — the need for fossil fuels.

It looks like that might be the lone promise that Biden has followed through on, as many Americans — over half — believe that the administration is purposely letting the fuel crisis get totally out of hand in order to scare American consumers into leaning toward fossil fuels, Newsmax reports.

At this point, with the complete lack of action on the president’s part, most right-leaning pundits and GOP politicians suspect that the Biden administration is letting the skyrocketing gas prices get out of hand — on purpose.

A bombshell new poll from Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group indicated that 53% of American voters believe “the Biden administration is intentionally letting gas prices increase” in order to push the economy toward electric vehicles and other “green” energy solutions, though such solutions are years, if not decades, away from being optimal and affordable for the average American family.

When broken down by party line, nearly 77.3% of Republicans said they believe that Biden is letting the crisis happen, and interestingly, 24.8% of Democrats say they believe that to be the case as well.

“Surging gas prices are creating immense hardships both for everyday Americans and for our economy at large,” said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action.

He added: “The hard-to-fathom, surreal idea that Washington, D.C., is working against the American people explains why [President Joe] Biden’s poll numbers are in the tank.”

With the average cost per gallon of gas continuing to rise, shattering new records every single day for several weeks now, what was once written off as a conspiracy theory seems more likely than not.