Poll numbers paint bleak picture of Biden’s future electoral prospects

Since taking office, voter approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance has been steady decline, and according to recent polling outcomes, it could be that his future political prospects have been damaged beyond the point of no return.

Whether due to the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic, the southern border crisis, rising inflation, the country’s calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan, or any number of other controversies engulfing his administration, it is clear that Biden’s favorability among the electorate has taken a nosedive, a fact borne out across key demographic groups, according to emerging survey data.

Of serious concern for Biden and anyone hoping for his re-election in 2024 is a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist College poll in which a startling 55% of respondents indicated their disapproval with the way the president is carrying out his duties, and 44% of those individuals voicing “strong” disapproval, according to The Hill.

Biden loyalists should also take note that since January, the president’s level of disapproval among Democratic voters has increased by six points, further putting his viability for 2024 in question.

The bad news for Biden and his party did not stop there, as a Morning Consult/Politico tracking survey released last week indicated that 41% of participants feel that congressional Democrats have accomplished fewer agenda items than they expected them to, in what could be bleak foreshadowing of the left’s chances of success in the 2022 midterm contests.

When asked about Biden’s accomplishments to date, 42% of those taking part in the Morning Consult poll said the president has fallen short of what was expected of him, in yet another discouraging data point for the administration.

Perhaps the most jarring revelations for Team Biden in recent weeks is the fact that the all-important independent voting block is shedding support for the commander in chief at a rapid clip, with two-thirds of all voters with no specified party affiliation now disapproving of his job performance and half expressing “strong” disapproval, an increase of 30 points since he took office.

After having spent considerable time and political capital touting and lobbying for his Build Back Better social spending package, Biden is now having to face the fact that the package seems inextricably stalled in Congress, and its failure would mark the collapse of a true pillar of the president’s first-term policy agenda.

The president’s plummeting approval ratings and failure to achieve key legislative goals even with a Democrat-controlled House and a tie-breaking vote in the Senate are catastrophic developments for the Biden administration and yet more evidence to suggest that conservatives are poised to notch potentially historic gains in 2022 and beyond.