Poll: Biden’s approval rating tanks, yet remains 10 points higher than Kamala’s

President Joe Biden has suffered some serious setbacks when it comes to his approval rating in recent weeks, but a new USA Today poll reveals that, for as low as his popularity has dipped, that descent is nothing when compared to the fall suffered by Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to the survey released on Sunday, Biden’s current approval rating comes in at a stunningly low 38%, a level that registers as the lowest of any president at this point in a term besides that of former President Donald Trump in 2017, as Mediaite noted.

Adding to the worrisome news for the commander in chief is the fact that the all-important independent voter block expressed the belief that Biden has done a worse job in office than they expected he would – by a margin of 7-to-1.

When it comes to possible implications for the 2024 election cycle, the poll found that roughly two-thirds of respondents believe Biden should not seek a second term in office, and that tally includes 28% of individuals who identified as Democrats.

As bad as those numbers certainly are for Biden, the numbers for Harris – the party’s presumptive heir apparent – were even more dismal, with her approval rating among survey respondents coming in at a devastating 28%.

Fully 51% of those polled about Harris’ job performance expressed disapproval, with another 21% declaring themselves undecided on how well the vice president has carried out her duties.

While the precipitous decline in Biden’s approval number is certainly cause for serious concern among the Democrat ranks, it could well be that Harris’ falling popularity could have a more profound impact on the party’s fortunes in the relatively near term.

Biden’s advanced age and apparent cognitive decline have thrown the possibility of a run for a second term into doubt in many Democrat circles, despite his own assurances that such a campaign is indeed on the cards, saying earlier this year when asked about the prospect, “My answer is yes, I plan on running for reelection. That’s my expectation.”

However, with many on the left wondering whether Biden has what it takes to make it through a first term, let alone subject himself to the rigors of a second one, this most recent drop in approval for Harris – already the target of rumors about her ability to carry the party’s torch moving forward – is surely causing sleepless nights.