Poll: Biden sheds significant support among key voters in nation’s first primary state

With President Joe Biden’s support among American voters continuing to plummet, many are speculating about the Democrat Party’s prospects in 2024 and whether the ticket will indeed include the aging – and some argue cognitively impaired – commander in chief.

A recent poll in New Hampshire, the state that traditionally hosts the nation’s first primary contest of the election season, reveals that Biden’s fortunes there have declined dramatically and may get even worse by the time the next cycle rolls around, as Fox News reports.

According to the latest Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire, just 37% of respondents likely to vote in the next Democrat primary in that state indicated a willingness to support Biden.

That figure represents a staggering loss of 12 points since the last time the same survey was conducted back in July.

Also noteworthy was the fact that 52% of survey participants stated they were unsure about their willingness to vote for Biden in the next presidential election, an increase of 9 points, and another 11% of respondents bluntly declared their interest in voting for someone else entirely.

Sure to give Democrat Party officials sleepless nights is the survey’s further finding that 45% of the New Hampshire voters polled expressed interest in seeing a primary challenge to Biden, an increase of 16 points from when the same question was asked this past summer.

Given Biden’s advanced age – he would be 82 years of age at inauguration should be win reelection in 2024 – as well as what many view as marked cognitive decline, there are some who are far from convinced that he will even be the nominee next time around, but a host of shaky performances from Vice President Kamala Harris have created doubts about her status as the party’s heir apparent.

As Fox News pointed out, when asked earlier this year about his plans for the future and whether he envisions yet another national campaign in 2024, Biden replied, “My answer is yes. I plan on running for reelection. That’s my expectation.”

However, considering Biden’s perplexing performance last week at a CNN town hall in which he made a series of odd physical gestures while awaiting questions and, in a moment of confusion, audibly asked, “What am I doing here?” it would not be at all surprising if Biden is forced to exist the stage well ahead of any primary contest.