Poll: Biden approval rating sinks to record low of 36%

The dramatic decline in President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to accelerate, with a new Quinnipiac University poll revealing that his standing among the electorate has dipped all the way down to 36%, the worst showing of his presidency to date, as Fox News reports.

The survey results, published on Thursday, represented a one-point drop in voter approval from a month ago, and a slight increase in disapproval among respondents, as The Hill noted.

Quinnipiac found that the areas of greatest weakness for Biden in the eyes of those surveyed are the economy and foreign affairs, realms in which he garnered approval ratings of just 34% and 33%, respectively.

Biden’s leadership skills did not merit an impressive level of acknowledgment in the poll either, with just 37% of respondents suggesting that his abilities in this realm are up to par and 57% indicating that they are not.

Once a strong point for Biden, the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic now garners the disapproval of 50% of poll respondents, with only 45% indicating their approval.

Response to the jarring poll numbers was swift and certain, with Republican Sen.Tom Cotton noting that the outcome should not shock anyone who has been paying attention to the manner in which the president has conducted himself since taking office.

“Joe Biden campaigned as a competent moderate. He’s governing as an incompetent socialist. It’s no surprise his poll numbers have collapsed,” Cotton opined, as the New York Post noted.

Tim Malloy, Quinnipiac University polling analyst, explained to Fox News, “The president’s numbers are unsettling though slightly better than former President Trump’s approval at the same stage of his presidency,” adding, “what may be most concerning is that overall ‘satisfaction’ is at an all-time low, and, significantly, 50% of those polled are ‘very dissatisfied.’”

With numbers like these plaguing Biden less than a year into his presidency, it certainly looks as though Democrats will have a harsh road ahead as the 2022 midterm elections draw nearer, and that is something in which conservatives fighting to retake the House and Senate can derive a real sense of optimism.