Poll: Biden approval rating is collapsing – new numbers show all

As his administration continues to struggle with the migrant surge at the nation’s southern border, conflict in the Middle East, a faltering jobs report, and ongoing criticism of pandemic-related mixed messaging, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has taken a dive over the last month, according to a new poll, as Breitbart reports.

The survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group between April 30 and May 6 included 1,571 likely primary or general election voters and found that the president’s approval rating now stands at 48.3%, with this disapproval rating coming in at 47.5%.

In April, a Gallup poll pegged Biden’s approval rating at 57%, a figure that exceeded that notched by former President Donald Trump after his first 100 days in office, but fell short of that achieved by former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Approval numbers were not the only interesting data gleaned from the Trafalgar survey that had a margin of error of +/- 2.47%, as a series of other topics were addressed with respondents.

When asked whether they would vote for the current president again if he appears on his party’s primary ballot in the 2024 cycle, 57.4% of Democrats reported they were very or somewhat likely to do so, while 7.9% of participants indicated they would consider doing so.

In a hypothetical scenario in which Biden did not seek re-election, 41.3% of respondents indicated that Vice President Kamala Harris would be their choice for the top of the ticket, with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg coming in a distant second at 9.3%.

Regarding Republican prospects for the 2024 race for the White House, 61.5% of GOP respondents revealed that they would “absolutely” or “likely” cast their ballot for former President Donald Trump, with an additional 7.8% indicating that they would consider the option.

Should Trump stay out of the electoral fray, according to the survey, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the favorite among Republican voters, coming in at 34.9% support. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas garnered 15.3% support from respondents, with Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and former Vice President Mike Pence hovering around 10%.

The Trafalgar survey makes clear that Biden has suffered some noticeable setbacks in terms of public approval in recent weeks, and amid poor jobs numbers, growing concerns over inflation, and an unpopular unwillingness to address the crisis at the border, this may just be the start of a polling free fall for the commander in chief.

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28 Responses

  1. You should learn how to spell & put intelligent sentences together before you type anything in the response section!

  2. biden and the ho are the ILLEGAL administration………Leftist AntiAmerican trash…….Time to go…vote every dem OUT of office if they ciontine to support the dem communist regime…..

  3. God help us, who can we trust for the real news and the truth. So one sided and such a bummer is Biden.

  4. Approval rating might crowd 20% since only about 25% actually voted for him. He can’t even hang on to the duped voters.

  5. Joe is just a loser, always will be!!!
    Still know who the winner still is says a newspaper in New York!!!

  6. Who are they polling? Antifa, BLM, AOC, Big Tech employees only? Even then they get less than 50%! Try polling the GENERAL PUBLIC and try polling people OUTSIDE the cities of the most liberal states, I’ll bet the numbers are LOWER than 20%, about the same amount of people that ACTUALLY voted for the fool!

  7. Who is being polled? Biden has hurt every group in the US and to believe that forty-three percent approve of him is a joke!

  8. When you really get down to facts those ratings are really much lower than that but fake news just keeps trying to make a silk purse out of a sous ear.

    1. Joe Biden is a Flake. He needs to go
      Period. He’s the worst President this country has ever had. He can’t remember anything. Shame on Jill
      Biden for letting him be bullied by the main street media. She knows he needs mental help.

  9. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Biden should not be our president because he don’t know what he’s doing at any time. Biden should be impeached because he is braking the laws of this countryu and not doing the job he is suppose to.

  10. Not only is the poll pure BS, as his real approval rating is more likely 25%, but your always delaying our comments for content is BS too. The first four or five comments are fishing scams, but there they are!

    1. They did kind of admit that by talking about the 48% of democrats who would voter for Biden or harris in the next election. you know that republican would not vote for biden and independents are 75% against biden. that gets you pretty close to your 25% number.

    2. Any Approval Rating would have to be paid for, the Bum hasn’t Done ANYTHING to get approval for other than destroy this country.

  11. I have no problem with LEGAL immigrants coming over the borders into this great country, but I DO NOT want illegals just swarming over in droves and bringing or sending young children who have no one to care for them. If they have family meeting them, able to care for them and not sell them as slaves, bring them in.

    1. since every polling and news agency seems to want to prop up the democrats these poll numbers are pretty terrible. it means about half the democrats would vote for Biden or Harris again. we already know that no republican or conservatives woudl vote for biden or harris. We also know that 75% of independence rank Biden as a terrible president.

      This means if the election was held today and the democrats could not commit voter fruad due to the new voting laws in many states a republican would win by just about 75% of the votes. that would be the landslide of all time.

      No wonder you don’t see very many of those trump hating liberals making comments anymore. Hey liberlas! you got what you committed voter fruad for. Don’t you just love your corruption?

    1. These poll people know EXACTLY who to call or who to include in their polls…so virtually all of these polls are corrupt from the get go…. I am surprised biden scores anything after running up gas prices 60 cents/gal in the first 90 days, throwing working Americans out of work, unleashing the runaway EPA, etc. etc. Online censoring from these web sites simply pushes their credibility to ZERO so whatever you read here has little to no credibility.

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