Photo of Jill Biden at presidential desk prepping for G7 show’s just how little Joe is in charge

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asserts that first lady Dr. Jill Biden could be the one getting ready to carry the majority of the wake at the international G7 Summit coming in just a few days. 

The primetime leader commented on a photo tweeted by the official FLOTUS account on Wednesday that showed the first lady pouring over a binder in what Carlson asserted to be the presidential desk on the presidential aircraft.

“You can see her husband’s monogrammed jacket on the chair behind her. She’s sitting at Joe Biden’s own desk on Air Force One. So the point couldn’t be clearer: Dr. Jill’s in charge now,” Carlson said.

This comment came after the Fox host posed the question to his viewers about “who’s going to represent the United States” at a meeting of “the world’s biggest industrialized democracies.”

“Joe Biden can’t do it obviously,” Carlson sent on. “We don’t want to be mean, but you know why he can’t. He just can’t.

“Kamala Harris could go, but she’s tied up right now getting yelled at by Guatemalan farmers. So who? Well, thankfully, there’s a doctor in the house: Dr. Jill.”

Republicans didn’t miss a beat. The verified House Republicans Twitter account commented, asking “Where’s Joe?”

Carlson hit at what many conservatives have feared since Biden entered office, that he wasn’t actually in control of his faculties and that someone else was pulling the strings.

If that is the case, the question then becomes, who is it, and is it someone the American people can tolerate, considering they wouldn’t have been elected? These are the questions conservatives are faced with without any answer in sight.