Pennsylvania’s top election official to resign

A top Democrat official that was responsible for Pennsylvania’s disastrous presidential elections process is resigning, according to multipl sources today.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a member of Governor Tom Wolf’s administration, is stepping down for failure to publicize a proposed constitutional amendment, a piece of incompetence that causes the amendment to fail without legislative intervention.

Boockvar’s resignation for a procedural failing is interesting to say the least.

While top Democrats in the state, including Gov. Wolf insist that her resignation has nothing to do with the accusations of voter fraud leveled by President Trump this fall, it sure seems like she’s taking a major fall for an “unrelated” issue.

“This change at the Department of State has nothing to do with the administration of the 2020 election, which was fair and accurate,” Wolf said in a statement. “The delay caused by this human error will be heartbreaking for thousands of survivors of childhood sexual assault, advocates and legislators, and I join the Department of State in apologizing to you. I share your anger and frustration that this happened, and I stand with you in your fight for justice.”

Fox notes:

Boockvar, as the senior election official in the state, made national headlines in 2020, both as the official defendant in pre-election lawsuits related to election rules and as the source of updates during Pennsylvania’s ballot-counting process. Wolf made it clear that Boockvar’s pending departure is unrelated to the election, but is connected to the failure related to the amendment.

What do you think? Is the resignation of the top election official in perhaps the most high-profile contested state in the 2020 election completely “unrelated” to that election?