Pence’s political advocacy group issues strategic statement on abortion issue

While most assume that the 2024 Republican presidential nominee will likely be former President Donald Trump or maybe even Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), there are others potentially waiting in the wings, such as former Vice President Mike Pence.

According to Newsweek, Pence’s political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom (AAF) recently weighed in on the abortion issue on the 49th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade, telling its email subscribers that it hopes it will “the last” decision of its kind.

The email came at the same time the Supreme Court is gearing up for a decision on a Mississippi abortion case that court watchers believe could mean a radical shift in the U.S. government’s position on abortion, if not the complete dismantling of Roe altogether.

“The end of Roe just means that the power to decide our nation’s laws about abortion shifts from the hands of nine justices back to the citizens of every state in the union,” AAF wrote in the email.

It added: “But overturning Roe doesn’t mean that the pro-life movement can declare victory. It will mean our fight is just beginning.”

Pence and his group maintain that if Roe is struck down, the battle will continue on a state-by-state level, with red and blue states feverishly ready to craft their own sets of abortion-related laws, which AAF believes will require all hands on deck to help fight.

“And when the fight comes to each state, we’ll be ready with the policy agenda and grassroots armies needed to secure pro-life victories,” AAF’s email added.

Pence has made a number of subtle moves over the past year that strongly signal he’s considering a 2024 run at the White House, though given his extreme unpopularity among Trump’s massive Republican base of tens of millions of Americans, seems like a longshot, at best.

Only time will tell if Pence decides to throw his hat in the proverbial ring, but only having the bare minimum of establishment Republican support will likely not do the trick if he truly seeks the party’s nod for 2024.