Pelosi’s husband loads up on computer chip stocks ahead of key subsidy vote

On the heels of his Napa County, California DUI arrest, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband Paul is certainly not putting the brakes on his legendary – and arguably quite damning – stock trading habits, recently snapping up millions in stock of a computer chip firm just as the Senate is poised to vote on subsidies that would boost its prospects greatly, as the Daily Caller reports.

A financial disclosure report released last week revealed that back on June 17, Paul Pelosi bought 20,000 shares of a company called Nvidia, which is among the world’s most prolific makers of semiconductors, with those shares presently valued between $1 million and $5 million.

Such a purchase might not be particularly noteworthy for someone of Mr. Pelosi’s wealth and securities trading experience, except for the fact that the Senate is set to vote – perhaps as early as Tuesday – on legislation that would be a boon to domestic producers of semiconductors by providing $52 billion in subsidies and tax credits.

Speaking to the Daily Caller News Foundation, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) declared the “optics” of the stock move to be “horrible,” adding, “[o]bviously Speaker Pelosi would be aware of the timing of this legislation over in the Senate. On the heels of that vote, for anyone in her orbit to purchase seven-figures worth of stock of a U.S.-based chip manufacturer just reeks of impropriety.”

Craig Holman of liberal think tank Public Citizen could not help but agree, saying, “It certainly raises the specter that Paul Pelosi could have access to some insider legislative information. This is the reason why there is a stock trading app that exclusively monitors Paul’s trading activity and then its followers do likewise.”

Paul Pelosi’s summer wheeling and dealing did not stop there, as he also reportedly reaped some massive profits through the sale of 50 Apple call options as well as of 10,000 shares of Visa, according to The Epoch Times, and he also recently bought options to purchase Apple and Microsoft shares worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million.

The staggering stock trading wins on the Pelosi family ledger have long drawn the interest of amateur investors on platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, and You Tube, and have also produced an investment meme credited for boosting search traffic on the topic of “Pelosi stock trades” and similar phrases, as the Times reported earlier this year.

As questions about the propriety of Paul Pelosi’s stock transactions continue to swirl, the speaker’s husband is also facing legal consequences for the aforementioned arrest and subsequent charges of driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury and driving with .08% blood alcohol level or higher causing injury, which stemmed from a crash in which he was involved back in June.

Though Mr. Pelosi is reportedly slated to appear in Napa County Superior Court on Aug. 3 in his DUI case, given his and his wife’s status as something approaching royalty in far-left California, it seems highly unlikely he needs to fear any serious ramifications for his vehicular transgressions.