Pelosi’s Democrat House majority doomed by Biden’s Afghanistan disaster

The reign of terror also known as the House speakership of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) could well be coming to a permanent end when midterm elections are held in 2022, provided that predictions from a growing number of authorities – including within her own party – are indeed borne out, according to NBC News.

As Politico noted earlier this month, Rep. Sean Patrick Mahoney (D-NY), the campaign chief for the Democrat Party sounded the alarm during a luncheon with a number of incumbent candidates in which he declared flatly that if the midterm elections were conducted that day, Republicans would emerge victorious.

That assertion was reportedly based on data indicating that a number of House Democrats are currently in great danger of losing their current seats to challengers from the GOP.

Tim Persico, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, acknowledged the situation to the assembled legislators, saying, “We are not afraid of this data … We’re not trying to hide this…but we gotta get in action.”

Whatever optimism Persico was attempting to telegraph, however, is not shared by everyone in the know in D.C., with a recent survey revealing that roughly 75% of all congressional staffers believing that Republicans will reclaim control of the lower chamber, a feat which only requires the GOP to secure a net gain of give seats.

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, is also under the impression that the House is likely to be returned to GOP control in 2022, particularly if his party can succeed in hitting Biden hard on issues such as rising crime rates and growing concerns about inflation, NBC News added.

David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report echoed that trend, telling the outlet, “Based on all factors, you’d have to consider Republicans the early favorites for the House majority in 2022,” adding that “Democrats’ best hope is that Biden’s approval rating stays above 50 percent and Republicans have a tougher time turning out their voters without [former President Donald] Trump on the ballot.”

Furthermore, well after the aforementioned prognostications were issued, the political winds grew much more unfavorable for Biden, owing largely due to the disastrous U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a new Morning Consult poll released this week pegs the president’s approval rating at just 48%, with some expecting an even further drop as congressional investigations into the debacle commence.

Should historical patterns prevail, and Republicans do retake the House in 2022, it appears all but certain that Pelosi’s days as speaker are never to return, as it was reported late last year that she plans to abide by a deal she made with progressives in her party limiting how much longer she would retain her perch of power.