Pelosi yelling during phone call at Congressional Baseball Game goes viral

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hasn’t exactly had the best few weeks, as she’s struggled to wrangle proper support for a pair of massive spending bills that would go a long way in pleasing President Joe Biden.

However, Pelosi went viral for a different reason last week during her appearance at the Congressional Baseball Game. Pelosi’s frustration was apparently on full display as someone captured video footage of her speaking on the phone, and it appeared that she was quite upset with the person on the other side, according to Yahoo News.

Multiple clips of Pelosi looking as aggravated as one can be on the phone garnered millions of views each, with commenters taking guesses as to what she was saying, and others commenting on her clear lack of a mask.

“During the 7th inning stretch, 20 runs will be dumped in for the blue team,” one Twitter user commented, referring to the 2020 election vote count.

Another user suggested she was yelling at the bartender “for not making it a double.” Countless humorous comments were added to the tweet, all curious as to who was on the receiving end of what appeared to be a blistering conversation.

In all likelihood, Pelosi was probably losing her mind in an attempt to drum up the necessary support needed to pass a pair of legislative spending packages, including the $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better Act” and the “bipartisan,” $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill.

The speaker spoke with confidence for the past few weeks as far as her assurance that she’d get the legislation moving forward to a vote and onto the president’s desk, but thanks to Democrat infighting, the bills both stalled, leading Pelosi to later admit that “more time” is needed to shore up support for the legislation, as Fox News reported.

We may never learn the real reason why Pelosi seemed quite angry on the call, but needless to say, it sure is hilarious to watch.