Pelosi went to Joint Chiefs Chairman to request that Trump’s ability to launch nukes be suspended after Jan. 6

General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reportedly assured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that former President Donald Trump could not launch an “off-the-cuff” nuclear strike in January, according to The Washington Examiner.

The Examiner reported that the Joint Chiefs chairman revealed Tuesday that the call took place on Jan. 8 when Pelosi demanded that the then-president’s authorities be limited following the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riots.

During the call the general, who Trump recently suggested is a “dumba**,” reportedly told her that while only the president has the ability to authorize a nuclear launch but that he “doesn’t launch them alone.”

Details of the call were outlined in a memo Milley provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee, which indicated that Pelosi’s office had requested the call on the grounds that she had “urgent matters,” to discuss with the military leader.

“I sought to assure her that nuclear launch is governed by a very specific and deliberate process. She was concerned and made various personal references characterizing the president,” Milley told the committee on Tuesday.

“I explained to her that the president is the sole nuclear launch authority, and he doesn’t launch them alone and that I am not qualified to determine the mental health of the president of the United States,” Milley said.

“There are processes, protocols, and procedures in place, and I repeatedly assured her there is no chance of an illegal, unauthorized, or accidental launch.”

The general also said on Tuesday that he met with military officers to “refresh” the procedures pertaining to nuclear weapons, but said he did not step out of bounds during his meeting with his colleagues.

“At no time was I attempting to change or influence the process, usurp authority, or insert myself in the chain of command, but I am expected, I am required, to give my advice and ensure that the president is fully informed on military matters,” Milley said.