Pelosi to keep Capitol shut down for foreseeable future

In the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol violence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) played a role in calling for a protective, prison-like fence to be installed around the Capitol complex, which was met with criticism over the following weeks and months, given that none of the reported “threats” ever came to fruition.

According to the Washington Examiner, it was recently announced that the outer ring of the fencing is finally being removed and should be finished by the end of the month. However, those in charge of security with concern to the U.S. Capitol, which includes Pelosi, have announced that both the Capitol and U.S. Senate offices will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future. 

An inner-ring of security fencing will reportedly stay in place indefinitely, though unlike what some predicted, there hasn’t been any security events since Jan. 6.

“The inner perimeter fence, around the Capitol Building, is still in place, while the Department works with our congressional stakeholders and law enforcement partners to strengthen our security posture,” a statement from the U.S. Capitol police said, according to The Hill.

Registered visitors and staffers who come to the complex and to the Senate offices for official business will be guided through barricaded checkpoints, according to a memo reportedly sent to staffers on the Hill by Capitol Police.

A number of Republicans have expressed concern and lodged complaints about the current security situation at the Capitol, claiming that it prevents constituents from visiting and disrupts organizations and other groups from entering the complex to observe the day-to-day business that takes place there.

“No constituents can come and see us. No groups or organizations can come and see us. Nobody can sit in the gallery and watch us. They’re not having regular committee hearings. They’re cramming all this stuff through,” said Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has also been publicly critical of the intense security measures still in place, calling it a “joke” while saying that “closing the People’s House to the people is an evolutionary cul-de-sac.”

Many on social media and in the halls of Congress have suggested that Pelosi is encouraging the seemingly overdone security measures as nothing more than a fear-mongering political tactic, which is an opinion that, at this point, would be difficult with which to disagree.

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  1. I am sad that the Democrats have to restrain the people who voted them in office from the people’s government. As we watch, our president reads pre-written responses, falls around and stammers if asked too many questions. Why on earth were these Democrats voted into office. Am really sad at the big government take over from the people who voted them into office! We were free and open, now being shut out of the media and all responses that the government doesn’t consider worthy of the Americans knowing. Keep praying that we can return to Americans and not the Democrats fencing us off and limiting knowledge from the populous.

  2. STOP all the complaining we pay the politicians, bombard all politician ‘s office with demands for impeachment of this administration. They have all overreacted their powers.

    1. Block them when they go out so they cannot get back in and have to sit in their car and worry about being killed for treason.

  3. Reeks of guilty conscience.
    She knows she is the most hated woman in America because of her communist movement.
    Let’s all hope she dies a horrible death and soon.

  4. What machine elected her as Witch in Chief? That must be some spell cast on the D.C. area governing district officials. Does she also tell them which pot holes in the streets to repair?

  5. Well, when did Nancy Pelosi, make it to her house. The White House is the house of the people. You are the worse person I have ever seen and you have no right to shut it down! You are not worth the money you make.

  6. I find it very concerning that most Americans are willing to IGNORE the Left wing hypocrisy by DEMANDING WALLS around the “People’s House”, while leaving our borders WIDE OPEN! (“We’re safe, FUNK YOU little people!”)
    A MORON can see this is an attack on FREEDOM, and DEMOCRACY. The Left HATES our Republic, because it DEMANDS they operate in a MORAL, and CONSTITUTIONAL manner. Since MOST “Politicians” use ALL the inside info they have to ENRICH THEMSELVES, to the detriment of our Nation

  7. The fact they need protection from the taxpayers is factual evidence of their false election. They truly have something to fear from the American Citizens. When enough is enough the guard won’t stand against their fellow citizens. We’re almost to that point. God bless the USA and President Trump

  8. aw hell, let her have her fence, as long as she is within and no chance to leave. Lock her in the congressional building and throw as many Homeless Kalifornicators around the lawn as you can find, tell them it is the Purge but she must come out, they cannot go in….

  9. I see that Pelosi is worried about herself. But could have cared less about the federal employees at the federal courthouse that was being ravaged by protesters and rioters. Only if her butt is in the fire, does she worry about it

  10. There are very few in Congress or the Senate that would have any concerns about “security”. The risk is in direct relation to the “hate” felt for a few in Congress. Pelosi knows that she is hated and she’s simply protecting herself. As far as I’m concerned, close the Capital. America would be safer with Congress in session permanently.

  11. I guess fearmongering is now just complaining. The stupid Democrats are harmed like the Republicans but they don’t dare complain.

  12. pelosi knows if she gets rid of fences and guards, her life isn’t worth a nickel…..She is the most hated person in this country next to killary…….way to go nasty nanvy…….You are now #1.


  14. Enzo says.
    Dems want filibuster gone
    So Dems can vote in HR1
    That’s all they need to take america! Remember summer first
    Ga. Than america. Thair goes our freedom.. that why the fence
    Dems are afraid of americans stacking them!

  15. Enzo says.
    Dems want filibuster gone
    So Dems can vote in HR1
    That’s all they need to take america! Remember summer first
    Ga. Than america. Thair goes our freedom.. By

  16. Nancy knows how much she is disliked in the USA & evidently that is frightening her! Well guess what Nancy you may need to find a cave to live in because it is only going to get worse for you cause more & more people want you gone, I think even AOC said she could do a better job than you!

  17. Nobody can visit the Capital, because NOTHING is taking place there! Everyone is not located there any longer, and all activities seen on MSM is a schrade taking place in Hollywood, at Castlerock Studios or where ever else they are using the green screen technology to place those being supposedly being filmed!

  18. Youre site has too many ads, I try and try to click a link to buy something hat for 2024 and it never comes up, as if its being blocked.

  19. She is scared for her life because of all the rotten, no good things she has done to this country. What comes around goes around Mrs Pelosi. You will surely reap what you have sown!

  20. Illegals in cages. Now illegals in white house in cages. Not much difference in either. Both got here illegally. As a country i feel like we are all in cages now, with the democratic death grip. we the people can’t breathe.

  21. I agree with all of the above. If Pelosi and others like her weren’t such liars and mean, selfish persons, there would be no need for a fence around the WH. The Dems have outlived their usefulness and we need another party to replace then. They have all gotten rich enough off the backs of the working people of this country.

  22. What Jimmy R K said. What they are doing is TREASON. Trying to dismantle the Constitution of the USA. Which I swore to uphold. They must be replaced at all cost!!!!!!!

  23. Pelosi is still scared, she is afraid that she will lose her seat in Congress, she needs to be replaced, remove the fences all of them and send the Guard home

    1. Pelosi is more scared she might lose her head instead of losing her seat. She’s finally finding out just how hated she and all her ilk are for their thieving/criminal ways. They are finding out the true American patriots are sick and tired of the demonic Dems and RINOs, and won’t take much more of their crap. They know they’re inviting a coming revolution, but the fence won’t do them much good when the citizens get a bellyful.

  24. Let’s see—Biden suffers from ‘dementia and now, Pelosi seems to be suffering severe paranoia!! The ‘Socialst Liberals’ want to shred America and ‘re-build’ it in their own image!! The RINO’s have ‘jumped ship’ to save their ‘skins’!! The Military doesn’t seem to know ‘who’ is ‘in charge’ and who isn’t!! No one seems to know ‘who’ the president is or isn’t!! Is it Biden or is it Harris or, dare we hope, is it still President Trump? We hear that the Dems are ‘getting a grip’ on the Corona virus, yet they are ‘importing’ thousands of new cases every day!! They took out trillions of dollars to help American citizens to recover from the ‘pandamic’, yet–most of it is going to ‘illegals’ and their ‘favorite’ charities! Yup!! The evidence is ‘in’ and the verdict is—The ‘inmates’ are now in charge of the Asylum! Officially!!

  25. She is a traitor dictator! She is a lying, corrupt, unethical, immoral (certainly NOT a good Catholic), hypocrite! She is a disgusting queen of hate!


  26. Why is Pelosi so terrified to be in Washington without a fence around her to keep her safe from her own terrorism? Time this pathetic piece of garbage was removed from office and placed in a straight-jacket for her own safety and to save the citizens of this nation


    1. Too bad our troops don’t seem to know who to take orders from!! So far, it’s been Pelosi! Can you see her posting them at the Southern Borders??? Me either!!

    1. Absolutely. The military needs to pack up and leave them for us to take care of. U people have to sleep sometime. Ool

  27. Explain, why.
    Give specific reasons for
    Then rotate NG units out of DC
    from other states
    Set up barracks & mess facilities at nearby Fort, Pentagon then

  28. Like we didn’t see that coming. We the people will never be rid of the commies. The king now in office and with a big black pen will make it so trump was the last elected president. The gang will get rid of elections and try and get them out then.

      1. 100% agree she is he least humanity caring individual in the world. She planned the riot to keep capital shut down because she knows she is trying to destroy the US and is afraid the people would LOVE to see her impeached and found guilty of treason

      1. It will never happen with all the guns in America. They can try and take them but at what price are they willing to pay for trying to take them.

    1. Yes. She is the biggest hypocrite the Dems have ever seen. History will be her downfall. I feel bad for her children? Can you imagine how badly they will be looked on for eternity? Half this country wants her silenced. Trump will have the last laugh here. NOTHING they did was able to stop him from running again. So stupid they are.

  29. If we didn’t have all these power-hungry, hate filled people at the Capitol, it wouldn’t be a problem. Hellooooo, the majority of the citizens don’t trust our corrupt government, and whose fault is that? Apparently our representatives have forgotten they serve the people, not the other way around!

    1. Sally…precisely. I would care less if the good Lord term limits Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, and a few more on Capitol Hill with a good stroke, heart attack, drunk/drugged driver accident, etc.

      1. I agree 100% Sally. They are so power hungry, they know they have over reached their job! I think Pelosi knows the wrong they have done is catching up with her and Schumer, the corrupt election is getting to her. Paranoid Nancy, it will be a backlash when it hits!!

      2. rm I am with you Nancy is PURE EVIL HER WAY OR NO WAY The Dems are Killing our Country Biden and His Dems Lied, Cheated, pit he in the Race so THEY can Make HIM DO AS THEY SAY HE BROKE THE LAW all ready by NOT FINISHIND THE WALL and Letting all those people in to the US GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT HE AND HIS DAMN DEMS WILL DO NEXT

    2. If we do not eradicate every demoncrat on earth there will be close to 160,000,000 million people erased from this country.

        1. I agree! Americans are SICK AND TIRED of the criminals running our country. They lie, and pull the wool over the eyes of the public, with the help of their paid thugs and this includes the MEDIA! LET THE GAMES BEGIN! SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!

      1. She needs to do the same with our borders, but if she’s not directly in danger she could care less and I’ll bet they have armed guards protecting her too.

      2. Those in Washington D.C. have not missed a pay check during the Pandemic. They work for us the “American people”and now a bullet proof door has been installed in the house chamber. How about finishing the wall and secure the border. Americans will not be safe with all the illegals coming in. Where is our security??

        1. Are their houses also with bullet proof doors and their cars for they can be shot like anyone else on the road.

    3. Any chance we could all storm the capital and keep them from getting out. That would be fun. They wanted a wall there to keep people out from coming in . lets the in . LOL

      1. If we baracaded them in and they ran out of food and the water turned off they would be gone soon. Freedom of speech is nice until they start removing the words from being allowed to be spoken like they have done.

    4. Pelosi is a scared because she knows that she was the one who committed fraud on the election in 2020.. she needs to hang for her scum bag ways. She is no better than BLM and Antifa.

    5. They need to be reminded through letters and calls to our representatives that they are working for US and we do not feel the same as them. Pelosi thinks she runs Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, everything! It’s time she retired and there is new life in her place. She has lost any and all respect I ever had for her!

      1. Does anyone know how to send these comments to them so they read them if not at congress manybe their homes and the family will know what is going on with their partner (killer) in life.

    6. Nancy is the most hated one in the Capitol and the Senate needs to stop this BS with her that is why she is scared because she knows how people hate her,but if she is so afraid she needs to retire and go to hades for all I care someone has to stop this demon from hell but is going to come from God anyway because that Jezebal coming to be leaving which ever way God has in His plan.Its like a Nazi camp and the Capitol belongs to people and has no authority over the building

      1. Nancy has been given too much power, She needs to be forcefully retired, because of public vote of no confidence in her ability to lead the House effectively . She has shown in the past, she has her own agenda, and will go to any lengths to achieve her goals

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