Pelosi slams media: ‘You all could do a better job’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi grew impatient Tuesday with a reporter who asked whether Democrats need to do a better job convincing the public to support their $3.5 trillion spending package, which allocates massive amounts of funding for social and environmental programs.

Progressives are trying to pass the legislation, which is backed by President Joe Biden’s administration, via the budget reconciliation process, meaning they would only need a simple majority of 50 senators — plus Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote. But Democrats only have 50 senators in their caucus, so the legislation won’t pass if even one Democrat defects (assuming no Republicans support the legislation).

Separately, the Senate has already passed a bipartisan $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. But progressive leaders have effectively said they will torpedo the infrastructure legislation in the House unless Congress passes the $3.5 trillion legislation first.

On Tuesday, CBS News reporter Nikole Killion asked Pelosi if Democrats need to rethink their messaging strategy, citing a poll that showed many Americans aren’t familiar with the specifics of the $3.5 trillion legislation.

“Our latest CBS News poll shows that only about 10 percent of Americans describe themselves as knowing a lot of specific things that are in the reconciliation package and that the majority don’t know anything at all,” Killion said.

“So, do you think you need to do a better job at messaging? And going forward, how do you sell this if ultimately–”

At that point, Pelosi interrupted. The California Democrat appeared to blame the media for not “selling” the bill well enough.

“Well, I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you, because every time I come here, I go through the list, family medical leave, climate, the issues that are in there, but it is true, it is hard to break through when you have such a comprehensive package,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi went on to claim that she believes the bill will “breath through.”

“But as we narrow it down and put it out there, I think that it will — and for example, one of the things in the bill is the continuation of the Biden tax credit,” Pelosi said. “That is, child tax credit that is in the rescue package that has great appeal. Do people know where it springs from? No, but it is a vast bill.

“It has a lot in it. And we will have to continue to make sure the public does, but whether they know it or not, they overwhelmingly support it. And by the way, women much more than men,” the House speaker added.