Pelosi slammed for defending Maxine Waters’ inflammatory remarks

In the wake of comments about the Derek Chauvin trial made over the weekend by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) that many believe were inflammatory and completely inappropriate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was heavily criticized by Republican House members for defending Waters.

According to Fox News, Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI) took Pelosi to task in a back-and-forth after Pelosi referred to McClain as “that woman,” which happened after McClain criticized Democrats for the very obvious double standard in holding members accountable for their words. 

At the crux of McClain’s complaint is that Pelosi and other Democratic leaders looked the other way after Waters called for more confrontation and a call to stay in the streets before the Chauvin trial verdict was announced. McClain argued that if the roles were reversed and a Republican made similar remarks, they’d likely already be on their way out of Congress.

The Michigan Republican slammed the Speaker for holding her party to a “lower standard” in such cases, arguing that Democrats spent considerable time and energy attempt to punish former President Donald Trump and freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for their remarks.

“The Democrats have set a standard and all I’m asking is Madam Speaker, don’t you think we both should play by the same rules?” McClain said.

Pelosi, in an attempt to turn the tables, criticized McClain for slamming Waters, telling The Hill “That woman on the floor should be apologizing for what she said,” which was a reference to McClain.

McClain fired back in a tweet, reminding Pelosi of who she was and what her name is, in no uncertain terms, while refusing to apologize for criticizing Waters’ inflammatory remarks.

On Tuesday, according to CBS News, Waters was saved from being formally censured in a narrow, 216-210 vote, thanks to a party-line vote blocking House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to punish Waters for what she said with regard to calling for more protests.

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  1. When those jack booted thugs break in pelosi and waters house one night I want to hear their stupid commits then

  2. Rich democrats and Hollywood lives will go on as usual. They live in gated communities some with walls and security with guns. I just saw those illegal kids coming across the border are getting comic books about Harris and showing that she is a hero. And she has no intention of visiting the border. 2 losers in the White House taking orders from Obama


  4. Rep. McCarthy could and should “demand” that US Marshals arrest the old blackbag, drag her out of the Halls of Congress and ship her to GITMO, to await a trial for treason, incitement, sedition, fraud, abuse of office and anything else you can think of. At the same time, have those Marshals drag commie pelosi out with her and then “watch the fur fly”! And if the Sargent at Arms attempts to stop them, they should take him along, too.

  5. I am really tired of reading article titles that state “She’s finished.” NO she isn’t! Nothing will happen to her! The only way we’re going to get rid of this lying, corrupt, unethical, immoral hypocrite is for the Republicans to take the House next year or the hag decides to retire! Unfortunately, no high ranking DemocRAT will EVER see the inside of a prison cell! THEY ARE above the law! Just look at Hillary: she committed a FEDERAL FELONY and is still walking around free (thank you traitor Chief Justice Roberts) spewing her vileness and hatred!

  6. These Democrats get away with so much. I believe there is a way of getting them out of office. If everybody will come together and do petitions on a regular basis I believe something would happen the government would have to hear and make changes. You can’t do whatever you want wherever you want because of the power that you miss abuse everyone should be able to accountable for their behavior.No questions asked!!!

  7. A lot of comments have been made by many Americans and there has been no action to remove any of the politicians who are so determined to destroy our country. Possibly we as citizens need to start a petition demanding Biden be impeached along with Harris, Pelosi and whoever else thinks it is great to ruin our country. Action must be started soon by someone, we the people have rights as we are paying the bill with our tax dollars. Tax dollars that the current administration is taking horrible advantage of. Enough!!!!

  8. What happened to transparency and how are the current Democrat policies giving us a “Build Back Better” America? The whole bunch are Liars, Thieves and Cheaters that only care about themselves and how much they can bilk the American citizens for. Seeing what the Democratic Party is trying to do today with their Anti-American policies, I can make everyone this one promise and that is that I will never vote for another Democrat ever again.

  9. Chauvin goes free:
    o Jury NOT sequestered
    o Outside influences Maxine Mouth & Biden effect trial
    Thanks MN Justice

    1. Now, how do we get everyone else to know and buy into the truth? You get, I get it but why do so many don’t get it. How does someone become an educated adult and not know when someone is or has been lying to them? That I don’t get other than to stop watching just CNN, MSNBC etc. and at least start watching FOX to at least here both sides. If you do this and still vote for the Democrat’s then maybe there is a more serious underlying issue that you should talk to your doctor about. Here’s a very honest question to answer. What was wrong with the way things were going when Trump was President.? Now answer this questions. How have the Democrats made things better? They did run on “Build Back Better”. How’s that going for?

  10. fire all of them. Maxine Waters needs to be removed. now i just hope some dems read some of the replys .here civil war may be closer than we think blm is just a cover for our dems to be terrorist on our citys maxine waters threatend the courts jury and juge and the people of the city and every american she need to go from her seat of power now

  11. For 23 years of my life I was proud to serve my country, the people regardless of race and the greatest government in history. NOW– I would not give 23 minutes for any of the 3 entities. The country is a laughing stock of the other world leaders. The PEOPLE have gone totally insane and the government in D.C. SUCKS. Useless BLM’ers want to kill Whitey (please go ahead and try). The COUNTRY is overrun with asinine people that think we should pay them money because we were born white and we should PAY for the mistakes of the idiots (including their own people) that started the crap over 300 years ago. The filth mongers and baby killers are idolized. When these factions started taking control from the point that prayer was outlawed up to now are responsible for more HATRED than one country could ever imagine. AMERICA IS A DISGRACE.

    1. Let the Democrats pay them out of their own pockets since they were to party to support, promote and fight a war to keep their slaves while Lincoln and the Republican Party went to war to get the slaves freedom. How does anyone with half a brain vote for a Democrat and then blame Republican’s for the past deeds of the Democrats? How do you grow up and become an educated adult and not know when someone is lying to you? Especially, when the truth is all around you every day?

  12. I keep telling everyone that there is nothing to worry about GOD is coming back very very soon and he will take care of the problems we are in, that the Communist Democraps are trying to destroy this Great Country. God will take care of his people just like the BIBLE says he will, no dought in my mine. the Polititans will have a place in Hell for etenerty. Keep the faith and keep on praying we are in his care and he wont let us down just keep the faith and we will be taken care of stand tall be a good Christian and everything will be ok.!!

  13. As long as Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, Republicans and Democrats will not be allowed to work together for America. In every situation, Pelosi has made sure that there is complete Chaos in the House of Representatives and in this country. She is continually at the heart of the most vile attitudes, bills, and dissension aimed at crushing Republicans. She is, always has been, and will consistently continue to be poison to any Democratic process in Congress. She is definitely not good for America. She will lie, cheat, and create problems as long as she has an ounce of power.

  14. We all live in a world where one party is better than the other and have forgotten that what ever party that you stand with. Still are Americans yet instead they attack the people or free speech or guns as they feel that will do as they say well in turn they are acting like gods. I am not stupid or ignorant as they think. So to the leaders you need to stop attacking the people that believe you should stop the hate along with the media you all own. In start doing your jobs and stop spreading the garbage to the American people. That we as Americans are too petty to watch politics and ignorance wreaking the country we live in today. Yet are 45th President told the American public that ignorance is bliss in America today. In yet is under study that is white telling all whites need to stop being racist well he was at one time with the head man that was a kkk leader. Well in closing wake up people we are watching are country in are people living in the streets well they are rewarding the illegals that are coming in to this country well destroying everything that has made this country and people live free wake up before it’s too late in God Bless America

  15. Democrat hypocrisy…2022 and 2024 is going to be justifiable accountability like they have never experienced before nor even imagined!

  16. I see a lot of unhappy people here .. Lets see how many show up when it counts
    for the midterm election ..

  17. Why does every article about Pelosi say “she’s done” or “she’s finished” or many versions of the same thing? She never is!! She goes on and on and on. Destroying everything in her path. No one does anything. When will these become true statements?

  18. Fancy nancy is an avowed communist and has been for decades; she was brought up that way. Her daddy, the communist mafia mayor D’Alesandro, of Baltimore, trained her well. She and a lot of other commie members of the democrat party need arrest and a stay at GITMO until their military tribunal, for TREASON. Once they are convicted, their execution should be immediate; no delays, no appeals – -simply march them out to a concrete wall, facing a US military firing squad and be done with them. DO NOT ALLOW them to turn the USA into another Vietnam, because that IS, currently, what is happening.

    1. I agree its time for them all to go away for good I’m sick of their lies their destruction of arranged false flags God says we should love everyone like he does not a chance those baby killing demon-rats are not for America they are not for the freedom of whites blacks or Spanish decent they are for themselves and the people like soros Fauci bill gates can destroy mankind and they will all stand back and gloat I wonder if they understand if China takes us the first people to be excecutedbwould be those idiots against America they sold out their own country they wouldn’t get a chance to destroy chinas plans they’d be executed on the spot I’m sick of racial division everyone in this country has the same opportunity your life is what you make it I’m not saying there isn’t racism some people are hateful and think they are superior again that all the races one bad apple doesn’t kill a tree the African- Americans have their own tv channel there own music awards their own all black schools and their own moneys set aside for schooling what more do they want!! I’m not a white supremist I’ve never owned a slave any bus transit cabs on the street I’ve always seen are multi nationality I’ve never having a single person and none of the people I know in black community have picked cotton quit using the past as a weapon to get more more more done now

  19. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy you need to be taken in the bathroom and have your mouth washed out. One of the (suppose) leaders of our nation. You should be farmed out to pasture. Your brain is starting to fail you. You didn’t like what our former President said at times. Now one on your side of the aisle open her mouth and all she is doing is causing more trouble. And of course that is okay for your side to say those kind of things. Don’t you so called people that run our government have any more sense then to make a statement like that? I think we the people in this country need to clean house in the next election. Your all getting senile.

  20. The Dems have scooped to the lowest level and the far left needs to be impeached Biden, Haras and Pelosi should charged with crimes they have committed. And why the Senators and Congress don’t something about it before they ruin our Country I don’t know. The Rino Republicans need to be impeached too. I hate what they are doing to us.

  21. Pelosi is a very Disgusting , Hateful person she doesn’t do anything for her district in california and nothing for American people. But her last day will be coming soon 2022 will be here before you know it.

  22. I serious belive pelosi needs to have a mental evaluation by a reputable physician . I realize she’s all about power,but I believe something is wrong with her thinking

  23. I think what Maxine water Was wrong as the comments she made before Push back on republicans and let them know they don’t belong here. Something has to be done.

  24. Pelosi you’re down right LOONEY!!!! MAXINE is one that should apologize as she’s walking out the door from her duties “serving” America. And you should be following her, you’re a disgrace to AMERICA.

  25. Think time for new people to be elected on both sides people who want to work for the people that’s voters!!!!

    1. Pelosi dosen’t care about anything except power, not the country, not the people, well maybe the illegal people, but not American citizens, that is why she has given her pet thugs the ok to destroy the country. She would defend these criminals no matter what they do, because like her, they hate America and Americans.

  26. I’m ashamed of this country lately. Where did the idiots find the DUMPACRPS ? In a trash can !My 3 years in the Army have been a total waste. Way to many Senators, rep.s, Mayors, Gov’s etc. have NEVER been in the military.

    1. They all should be in the military and not at a desk job or in the reserves They need to see action so they know who is in charge. Time to give them action and remove the fence. The national guard will be on our side and permit it and to happen if they have any sense. A new house is in order now

    2. Thank you for your service. I understand how you feel right now but please, always know that you were a little part of what makes Americans great. I’m praying that the Lord will interject at some point and slap 👋 our politicians back in shape and bring America back to the wonderful nation EVER!!

  27. I have not been so ashamed of my government representatives they need to step back and stop their their remarks and get back to work on what the people that voted for them to represent us . Remember it’s we the people not we the government we put you in charge and we can take that privilege away

    1. The only bad thing is the Democrat Party always gets away with cheating all the time so it doesn’t matter -you can’t vote them of office it seems like they’re just a bunch of lowlifes and I hate every f****** one of the Democrats for stealing the election of President Trump and putting their puppet in the whitehouse. Democrats suck & hate American and don’t respect the Constitution. Try and take our 2nd Amendment away and watch civil war happen

      1. Pelosi and the Democrates are getting away with too much something has to be done to stop them! Everything they are doing is unconstitutional and against the law! Maxine Waters has done this too many times and keeps getting away with it, if a Republican Politicion did what Maxine Waters did they would be brought up on charges! Waters should be removed from Congress and charged with a crime In fact Pelosi should be removed as well!

      2. Truer words were never spoken. They pull all kinds of illegal stunts , but NEVER, and O mean, NEVER get indicted, charged, tried, convicted or sentenced. Zip, nada, nothing ?!!
        There is no justice for Democrats. The Clintons, Obama, Biden, ALL have committed so many acts against America, and not one, had Justice served on them. Seems they are made of Teflon…nothing ever sticks to them.

    2. they are going to turn it around and take our rights away from we the people they have had to much power for to long

      1. The Democrats can take nothing away from us that we don’t allow them to take. We have God given rights that are printed in the Constitution and no one can take them without a fight. Soon, the Democrats will go too far and they will see the power of the People once again. Our Military is swore to support and defend the Constitution and they will do just that. We’re all sick of the unnecessary “demands and controls” that the Democrats are imposing and planning, but it will be stopped by The People of America. I pray it doesn’t come to war, but it might.

        1. That’s SHOULD be true, but that is the crux of the problem. The Democrats have NO regard for the Constitution anymore, as they so obviously demonstrated in the last election and everything else that they do! I don’t mean to say that the Constitution SHOULD be treated that way, but THEY are treating it that way because they want to remove it & feel POWERFUL!

    3. We didn’t put them in charge, They stole the election and they know they can do it again because Republicans are scarred of them and won’t do anything about it!

    4. Don’t give up. That’s exactly what they are hoping for. All we need to have is honest elections and problem solved. To solve the problem with having a voter ID is very simple. If you want to vote in person get a photo ID and have paper ballots only which cannot be accessed once the ballot box is locked which occurs when the last ballot is placed. Have this overseen by officials from both parties there to put their own party color zip tie on the box lock. Then have the boxes delivered immediately to one place by the attending officer(s) for an honest count. If you choose not to vote in person then get an Absentee Ballot and allow for signature verification. If neither of these options work for you then don’t vote. It’s just that simple.

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