Pelosi ripped for honoring George Floyd but refusing to honor 13 fallen US service members

In the wake of President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, which resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. service members, some Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), seemed to not understand the gravity of the situation.

As the Washington Examiner’s Christopher Tremoglie pointed out in a recent op-ed, the speaker was accused by a number of House Republicans for refusing to read out the names of the U.S. troops killed during the attack at the gates of the airport in Kabul but was quick to snag as many photo ops as possible by honoring George Floyd.

“This is the same Pelosi who wore Kente cloth and kneeled for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in the Capitol Visitor Center to honor George Floyd, a criminal who resisted arrest and died in police custody. Pelosi’s action — or lack thereof, as this case may be — should be rebuked and condemned,” Tremoglie wrote.

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) was one of the first GOP lawmakers to tell the media that after the House gaveled in last week and held a moment of silence for the fallen troops, Pelosi reportedly refused to allow the names of the 13 fallen heroes to be read on the House floor.

Other GOP lawmakers corroborated Mast’s claims, with Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) tweeting: “House Democrats just refused to recognize Republican veterans on the House Floor to read the names of our fallen service members in Afghanistan. That’s how far our nation has fallen.”

As Tremolgie noted, many critics of Pelosi’s actions, or lack thereof, said that it’s not necessarily Pelosi honoring Floyd that bothers them, it’s the fact that she could have easily honored the fallen U.S. troops as well, and in the process, avoided a ton of negative criticism.

It only would have taken a few minutes for the House Republicans to read off the names, and Pelosi could have gone about her day. However, the optics now make it appear as if Pelosi and her fellow Democrats will do anything possible to cover for Biden’s humiliating foreign policy failure.

It’s truly sad that the lives of our fallen men and women in uniform are subject to partisan politics, but unfortunately, that seems to be par for the course under “America Last” President Biden.