Pelosi removes extremist Katie Porter from her committee position

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) was removed from her position on the powerful House Financial Services Committee after she criticized committee chair, Rep. Maxine Waters, (D-CA) according to Breitbart News

Porter was favored among liberal voters for the way she castigated former President Donald Trump and went head to head with oil executives and American financial institutions. 

However, it is believed that when the same tenacity spilled over into interactions her own party and she became a problem for the leaders of her committee and party. 

According to Breitbart, Porter regularly criticized Waters and was thought to represent a number of House Democrats with her objections. 

“Porter flowered into a force of her own, overshadowing Waters while garnering praise from House progressive stars such as ‘squad’ member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), for attempting to ‘change the system that her colleagues have been operating under for years,’ which particularly undermines committee leadership,” the news outlet reported. 

The Los Angeles Times reported on Porter’s fall from favor in their article where the paper stated that “Democrats loved Katie Porter when she bashed Trump. Now she is making them squirm.”

The LA Times reported that Porter was known to publicly confront Waters, Pelosi, and anyone else who was found in her path. 

While division in the DNC might seem like good news for conservatives, knowing that the fight is between the aggressively liberal and shockingly socialists ideologies makes it difficult to see how the American people will win no matter who comes out on top of the infighting.

Possibly the best scenario for conservatives would be for this disruption to allow those on the fence about our two-party, no term limit system to see what powerful politicians will do to stay in power, even to their own people.  

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  3. If only all of the Democratic parasites would turn on each other and EAT each other alive! We can dream and VOTE!

  4. Dont so fast to be leave,they are lairs, but if so maybe the gop
    Can goods on pelosi and other high dems.would it be nice if she comfermd the 2020 election fraud!
    Something really good on the Dems. So we can demand they all be trone in jail . They’re all gilty , most of Dems are gilty of treason!
    To the american people!

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  6. What a stupid question? Does the government help our family enough. WHAT? We don’t need any help from the government, we all work and pay taxes. Forever, have never taken anything for nothing, FREEDOM IS KING education, working anything you want to be.
    No, we pay taxes so the government can build American. The democrats work to fund themselves. That’s all wrong. And we the working person will defeat the insane.

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  8. You have to pay to play with aunt nancy. Uncle biden knows this. Piglosi is running the show. What ma boss wants, ma boss gets. Ask her why she would say open biden instead of open sesime. What a freak of nature. Now we need to get rid of the rest of the democrat trash

  9. Poor Maxine! She is so picked on! And as to Pelosi, she removes Porter from her committee, yet she retains Swamp Scum Eric Swalwell??? Stupid is as stupid does! She and Maxine are also members of the Swamp Scum…..

  10. I wouldn’t give you 5 cents for Porter, but if she is doing anything to take down that imbecilic Waters then I salute her. These drunken Old Bitties are destroying our Country but we keep putting them right back in there. Every day I pray that Piglosi will be taken out and I really don’t care how.

  11. mad Max cant take comments abour her–what a shame cause she hands them out any time she wants– too bad that the old saying –what is good for the goose is good for the gander —

      1. She is filling her pockets $$$$$$$ not representing the blacks in this country –where is school choice for all the inner city black kids–oh I forgot the teachers union would not like school choice—————POS

  12. It’s amazing how wild animals eat their own all of the time.Cheers,let em keep it up.Maxine is a freaking waste of humanity

  13. How does an 80-year-old bag of wind along with Chuck doomed stay in power so long
    these people are so adamant in what they believe they won’t allow anyone with new ideas even in their own party
    great to see them fighting within themselves way to go dems
    come on man

    1. Yes, he is. They stole the damn election. Any fool can see that but nobody would do a damn thing. We need Republicans that have a pair and will quit caving in to these commies.

    2. You are Soooo Right mellie and I wound not be a bit surprised if we didn’t get him back within a year or so.

    3. I’m with you Mellie, BIDEN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT…. isnt that what the demonrats said about Trump for four years? If this had been a LEGITIMATE election instead of having dead people, underage people, illegals and other who voted twice voting for Biden then okay I would accept it, but it was not a legal or legitimate election and why we continue to accept this corruption is beyond me. Biden plans to bow out and let harris become president so then she can appoint pelosi to be VP….. we all know this is coming but let me tell you one thing… it will not be accepted in this country. The demonrats took my right to vote as a legal tax paying American and made a mockery of it. They did everything in their power to sway the votes their way even though those votes were illegal. I do not respect any of them biden, harris, clinton, pelosi, schumer, schiff, aoc, waters, imar, and the rest of the corrupt demonrats. How horrible that America is not America anymore and the AMERICAN people are the minority once again… its time to take back our country plain and simple

  14. Chanakya / Kautilya , arthasastra principles : “The enemy of my enemy is friend” .duct tape their wrists together ,and let Porter ,and Waters fight it out with straight razors on pay per view

    1. You can only lie ,ateal,and kill America with pelosi permission.. waters,pelosi. Should be placed in prison.. why do brain damaged idiots put them in power????? . Everytime a Democrat or their aid parks their fat. @$$ in a committee chair they get a $1,000 dollars. So we have over. 120. Committees run by pelosi. You want fat cats, multi millionaire fat cats. 120 committees. 5+ on each committees. That racks up too. 600 fat @$$3$, sitting for 6+ days a week..3,600 x 1,000=$360,000. We pay the house very week.. I want too see pelosis taxes,,the toads taxes,schifftys AOC, ETC.Theye off their taxes, because job related. Like pelodi takes. $500,000 off hers for booze on our jet and our office.

      1. she is there because there arent many smart people obviously in California, but in truth I doubt she really won that election, you know if Biden can do it I guess she can too… how many dead people voted for her? How many illegals voted for her? Wonder what she promised those illegals? Guess its coming to fruition by allowing all of those illegals POS’s into the country as what is happening now. Pelosi is the worst person in our country and why we allow her to even be in charge of anything is beyond me. We need to become an army evidentally, we need to take back our own country and put people like pelosi in prison…. she would look so good in orange. WE NEED A PETITION TO PUT ON A BALLOT THAT ALL PEOPLE WHO PAY FEDERAL TAXES BE ALLOWED TO VOTE WHERE THAT TAX MONEY IS SENT AND TO WHAT COMPANY WE WANT TO BAIL OUT… It’s our money. It’s like giving away a portion of your paycheck for someone else to get what they want… is that fair? HELL NO. We need to act people, and I do mean now.

  15. One gone what about the rest of the slim in your office. Who fires you. That should be on the table now. Criminal is as criminal does. Hope your nephew gabbin gets the axe next. Looks like a criminal network going on in the white house. “Open biden” knows it’s a family thing.

    1. Well actually Pelosi grew up with a father that was part of the mob–no wonder she gets her way all the time she threatens everyone just like the mob.

    2. For criticizing Waters? Ridiculous! Maxine Waters is a horrible woman, a horrible human being who should also be fired along with Swalwell. Democrats are all criminals beginning with Pelosi, she’s so evil she is worse than the devil.

      1. So, you get fired for criticizing a fellow worker but not for having a Chinese spy for 30 years like Feinstein or Swalwell for having a Chinese spy as a girl friend and confident. Why not when you have a political body that will hire you based on skin color rather than qualifications like Kamala Harris.

        1. Not only chosen for ‘skin color’ but for ‘gender’ as well. If you don’t actually ‘have’ a ‘gender’–apparently, you’re double blessed, as far as the Dems are concerned.

  16. Well now isn’t this interesting in fighting within the Democratic Party, guess it is ok to bash everyone except those within their own party

    1. Pelosi is not fighting. This action is simply putting the rest of the dems under her thumb. The only way, is her way and as you can see most dems are totally scared to death of her.

    2. The Dems are not above throwing each other under the bus. Looks like the future may bring some messed up busses.

    3. What a terrible time in government for elected officials needing to represent their “Constituents,” but instead having to toe the line with Party and Peers. It is all about government and they have become so selfish, self-centered and radical. When will they get back to representing their states their communities their constituents with the most beautiful American array of cultures and community histories. Our country and country men / women are getting a raw election after election.

      1. When will their constituents wake up and vote in people who care about them — the constituent. We have to come together, fight for our country and find a way to beat the cheat!

    4. Democrats knocked her off the committee, and we’ll knock her off her rocker here in the 45th next election too.
      The biggest mistake that Orange County made and it will be rectofied in 2022.

        1. @Bob Meyers

          I agree that California has Problems but Nancy Pelosi is THE PROBLEM that California Stuck the rest of the USA with.
          Please vote her OUT; she is the most destructive Politician in Congress. She has become too powerful and there doesn’t seem
          to be enough people who realize what a danger to our country she really is!
          There are Way too many people in Government who are related either by blood or marriage. It is frightening!

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