Pelosi recounts bizarre tale of grandchildren’s love of Joe Biden

From network pundits shedding tears of joy upon his election to reporters’ asking hard-hitting questions about the new president’s preferences for an Air Force One color scheme, the sycophancy to which Joe Biden has been treated in recent weeks has been disappointingly predictable.

The cringeworthy spectacle took an excruciating new turn on Wednesday when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) relayed a personal anecdote about her grandchildren in which their supposed adoration of President Biden was highlighted to embarrassing effect, according to BizPac Review.

During the annual Issues Conference held by the House Democrat Caucus, Pelosi attempted to paint Biden as a true man of action, an “extraordinary president,” and a leader who “knows how to get the job done.”

She continued in rambling fashion, listing Biden’s supposed virtues of “empathy, grace, and courage,” and how they uniquely enable him to tackle matters ranging from gun violence, veterans’ issues, diplomatic concerns, and more.

Soon thereafter, however, the event grew decidedly more bizarre when Pelosi began to recount a story dating back to 2013 when Biden gave the keynote speech at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event. According to Pelosi, it was during a break in the official action that she took two of her small grandchildren to a New York candy store, whereupon they were confronted with a pair of automatic doors.

As Pelosi told it, the young boys had overheard so much effusive praise of Biden from family members and had experienced his personal charms themselves during a prior luncheon, that when waiting for the candy store doors to open, the youngsters declared, “In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame, we say ‘Open Biden.’ That’s our magic word” Watch:

Not surprisingly, popular reaction to Pelosi’s tale was swift and sure, with Twitter users taking to the platform to declare the performance “an inductee to the cringe hall of fame,” and to liken the speaker to “a mom who had a second glass of Pinot Grigio.”

Only time will tell whether Democrats and their media allies will see this clip and begin to reclaim some semblance of self respect and resist the temptation to gush unreservedly and uncritically about the current occupant of the Oval Office.